Are the Detroit Lions done making splash signings in free agency?

Bob Quinn, Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Bob Quinn, Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

After a good chunk of change spent on some of the biggest free agents in the NFL, is the spending spree over with the Detroit Lions?

Top free agent defensive end on the market, check. Top tight end, check. Second best nickel cornerback, check. Wow, the Detroit Lions did some damage.

It didn’t take the Lions long to address some big holes on the roster. Since then, there’s only been a few other signings for depth purposes.

As of right now, Detroit is still in position to make some noise in the free agent market. They currently rank ninth in total cap space with $25,844,831 according to

That kind of cheese makes you wonder what exact is up general manager Bob Quinn’s sleeve. Who’s the next big acquisition?

My gut tells me the Lions are going to cool things down regarding any top free agents. This cash isn’t just sitting around for no good reason. Or is it?

The NFL Draft is fast approaching. Signing a NFL Draft class has a price, but not one that significantly cuts into Detroit’s cap space.

With sports, injury is always a possibility, especially football. Having funds available, should anyone get hurt, is always a smart move.

What’s more likely is a decent chunk of that remaining cap going towards extending current Lions on the roster. Keeping talent is sometimes more important than finding replacements.

Cycling players in and out is an inevitable part of sports. Players going from one team to another isn’t always an easy transition given a learning curve one has to take on in a new environment.

There is also that chance a blockbuster trade goes down. That requires cap space to take on another sizable contract. Nothing can get left off the table in the NFL; Anything goes.

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Something is brewing and no one can put their finger on it. The Detroit Lions are doing what they do best, keeping fans guessing and waiting anxiously for the next move.