Detroit Lions: Playoff chances are drastically diminishing

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 3: Quarterback Matthew Stafford
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 3: Quarterback Matthew Stafford /

With nothing going the Detroit Lions favor, it’s easy to assume the playoffs are slipping out of reach. It’ll take a few miracles to make it happen.

No running game, no pass rush, turnovers and Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford is hurt. All of these things are not ingredients to a winning recipe.

Lions fans are some of the most loyal, hopeful and disappointed fan base in the NFL. This is not Detroit’s year. There’s not much hope to hold on to other than what the future may hold.

First and foremost, Stafford is once again throwing with a bum hand. Unlike last year, the Lions are even more unlikely to trip into the playoffs in 2017. There are too many issues that are too hard to overcome.

Speaking of quarterbacks, opposing passers have abused the defense of Detroit. Their defensive line routinely makes subpar/terrible quarterbacks look all-world due to lack of pressure.

If anyone has success rushing the passer, it’s everyone who plays the Lions. Injuries can inflate some of the issues but the offensive line along with the play calling/scheme has been under achieving. Stafford can’t win all on his own.

A running game would be clutch with the star quarterback on the mend. This is where having such an ineffective ground attack comes back to bite the Lions right where it hurts.

Nothing hurts a team more than pitiful coaching. Talented players can only go as far as the coaches that lead them. The Lions coaches are leading their players and fans down a road of heart tugging despair. Stafford being hurt or taken out of the contest automatically damns Detroit to failure too.

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Very rarely can a team overcome injuries and turnovers to win games. With the Detroit Lions’ coaching staff at the helm, it just can’t be done. As hurtful as it is to say, the Minnesota Vikings are sailing and the Green Bay Packers are on the upswing, so that means next year is the year to start getting excited in Detroit.