Detroit Lions: Seven bold predictions for 2017

DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 25: Matthew Stafford
DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 25: Matthew Stafford /

I don’t have a very good track record when it comes to predicting Detroit Lions games. So, of course, I’ve made some bold predictions for the season.

In my experience, there’s one surefire way to feel like an idiot in about four months. That way is trying to successfully predict outcomes of 16 upcoming events that you have absolutely no control over. Even better if you have precious little data to back up your predictions.

With that said, I humbly present my Detroit Lions 2017 season predictions in two parts: First is general season-long trends to watch. Wednesday, I’ll do specific game-by-game picks. The realistic side of my brain that learns from previous experience refuses to make these types of predictions. Unfortunately, the side that still thinks there must be a way to beat roulette can be more persuasive.

In the end, I couldn’t help myself. Don’t bother finding me in four months.

7 Bold Lions Predictions for the 2017 season

  • The 2017 Lions are a better team than last year, but their record shows otherwise. The team had a pretty good offseason and made modest improvements to plenty of positions. However, going 5-0 again in the 50/50 games just isn’t sustainable. If too many games are close in ’17, expect a reality check and a drop-off in the W-L.
  • The Lions offense is finally better than the defense again. The return of Ameer Abdullah and emergence of Kenny Golladay as a solid #3 receiver will be big. The offense shows some true firepower for the first time since 2011, hanging 40 on the Browns and Bears in back to back weeks.
  • Eric Ebron still isn’t very good. Ebron’s receiving stats steadily improved in each of his first three seasons, no denying that. With that said, he still only caught one freaking touchdown last year. This year fully confirms he’s not a Pro Bowl guy and probably wasn’t worth a first round pick.
  • Lions make it 5 straight on Thanksgiving. We get a rematch of last year’s non-classic classic against Minnesota. A snoozer until about the last three minutes, Darius Slay kickstarted playoff fever with his game-turning interception. In this year’s edition, Detroit pulls through in another plodding slugfest thanks to Ameer Abdullah’s 100 yard game.
  • Ziggy Ansah scores as many touchdowns as Marvin JonesIf this turns out true, it could either be a terrible thing or incredible. My initial pick is two for each of them. Ziggy is due for at least one strip sack in the end zone. Jones is looking to bounce back from a rough second half of 2016 (no TD’s after Week 6).
  • Week 17 will not be the NFC North Championship game. Green Bay is slated for the regular season finale, the third time in the last four years. The previous two times (2014, 2016), this has meant a defacto division championship game, which the Pack comfortably won each time. This year, I think the Vikings will involve themselves one way or another heading into the final week.

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  • Jake Rudock will be 3-1 as the starting quarterback. I feel like the Angel of Death typing this one. As much as I love it when Matthew Stafford runs over a defensive back, I worry that he plays with fire one time too many and has to miss a month. Cancel the rest of the season? Maybe not. Jake Rudock steps in and does pretty well. Almost too well. Those who have a problem with Stafford’s mega-contract are going to savagely enjoy this.

Game-by-game predictions coming on Wednesday. Stay tuned…