Detroit Lions fans, let’s play “Would you rather?”

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A look at how Detroit Lions rookies are doing in training camp and an early analysis of whether or not we could have drafted better for our current needs.

Ziggy Ansah Detroit Lions draft pick
NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 25: Ezekiel Ansah of the BYU Cougars stands with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (L) and Pro Football Hall of Famer Barry Sanders (R) as they hold up a jersey on stage after Ansah was picked /

Detroit Lions fans, training camp is on! Already, a lot of action has happened. One full week is about to close. The first preseason game is August thirteenth, against the Indianapolis Colts, but we can get a glimpse of how our rookies are doing so far.

Sometimes, this is when some buyers remorse can set in. Lions fans see a guy we passed on outperforming a player we took earlier than that player. Let’s compare some early returns of other team’s rookies and compare them with our selections.

Disclaimer: I’m not giving up on, or suggesting that we shouldn’t have drafted a particular player. We have had issues at several positions already, though.

This is an exercise in looking at how we might have addressed our issues if we had the benefit of foresight. We’ll look at how our player is doing in camp and compare a couple of players at positions of need. It’s a bit of a too-early re-draft.

Jarrad Davis: First Round

Jarrad Davis, our first round pick, has looked good and calling the defense in his first season at inside linebacker. Lions veteran linebacker Paul Worrilow, formerly with the Atlanta Falcons, had this to say of the number twenty-one overall draft pick.

"“If [Davids] doesn’t know something, he’s going to address it,” Worrilow told “I’ve been in that situation where you’ve gotta know everything. There’s no, ‘I’ll figure that out later.’ He’s a guy who has definitely taken to that role with an awesome attitude and a real fortitude to master it.”"

Leadership is sorely needed and Davis appears to taking that, and every part of his job seriously. Still, let’s look at how other guys available are doing.

Other first round options

Davis has looked the part of a productive player. There’s no doubt. The Lions have had some big issues at defensive end, defensive tackle, and offensive tackle, though. Whether you love him or not, the Lions may have addressed a more difficult position to find at number twenty-one.

Traditionally, inside linebackers are not as athletic, and therefore do not usually get drafted as high. Davis is athletic enough to play at an outside position, though. Linebacker, in general, was a large need going into the draft, so it’s hard to argue against taking Davis.