4 reasons the Detroit Lions should not trade Stafford

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It wasn’t too long ago when sports media got it in their head that the Detroit Lions would part ways with Matthew Stafford after the 2015 season.

At the time it seemed pretty unfounded. Ok sure the Lions were having a train wreck of a season early on and many will point to performances like the one Stafford had against the Cardinals when this rumor surfaced. The other portion was the certainty of the roster and frankly the foundation of the entire franchise went up in the air after the Lions fired Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand once they got back from London.

Then week ten hit and everything you thought you knew about this quarterback and this team suddenly changed. Obviously the season still remains wasted and there are still plenty of questions about the future of the Detroit Lions. But one thing that should have unequivocally went away was the thought that the Lions should or would part ways with Matthew Stafford. Then this happened earlier this week.

My first thoughts were “haven’t we gotten past this yet?” Obviously we’re used to seeing your garden variety casual fan who is 100% certain that Stafford is the issue with the Lions. You see just as many of them as you do the classic Stafford apologist.

I made a few comments on the tweet and went about my day. Suddenly I found myself thinking about this idea that the Lions would ever get rid of Stafford and it just didn’t make any sense to me. So today I would like to put in words the four major reasons that came to mind on why the Lions should absolutely hold on to their quarterback.

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