Detroit Lions Top Ten Weakest Positions (And How to Fix Them)

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Defensive Tackle

Present Starter: Haloti Ngata, Caraun Reid

Pretty easily the weakest position on defense (I lied, linebacker isn’t that far behind), the defensive tackle position needs some serious repair this offseason.  Haloti Ngata started slow, but has been as advertised for most of the season.  He’s also a free agent, and over 30, so I’m not banking on that being the future of the position.  We’ve seen some good depth work from depth players on the Detroit Lions, but they’ve been doing so as starters and that is not good.

Free Agency Fix

Best Free Agent: Mo Wilkerson
Other Options: Tyrunn Walker, Sammie Lee Hill

What, what, what?  This defensive tackle class is chock full of talent, with Mo Wilkerson leading the way in what looks like an inevitable parting from the Jets. His price tag may ultimately be too high, however, as he’s the only premiere tackle on the market.  Present Detroit Lions IR member Tyrunn Walker would be a welcome re-sign as his play was trending up before a broken leg derailed his season.  Former Detroit Lion Sammie Lee Hill could find his way back to the Motor City after a disappointing tenure in Tennessee.

2016 NFL Draft Fix

Best Prospect: Robert Nkemdiche, Ole Miss
Other Options: Kenny Clark, UCLA; Adolphus Washington, OSU; Sheldon Day, Notre Dame

Like offensive tackle, this position is pretty strong in the draft.  Robert Nkemdiche is the consensus #1 defensive tackle right now, but I gotta tell you, he isn’t the number one on my own personal board even before the obvious character issues.  That honor goes to Ohio State’s Adolphus Washington.  He’s often overshadowed by Joey Bosa, but part of why Bosa is able to do what he does is because Washington is wrecking shop.  Clark just declared, and he’s a very intriguing round 1 or 2 option, while Sheldon Day is being mocked all over the place due to his size.

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