Seven Head Coaches the Detroit Lions should consider

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The Detroit Lions season is over. After hopes of a magical playoff run, the Lions squandered away two straight games and Jim Caldwell’s seat is as hot as the sun.

Let’s face facts. Jim Caldwell is more than likely out on Black Monday on January 4th. With him will go GM hopeful Sheldon White. At this point it is unknown what will become of Jim Bob Cooter and Teryl Austin. You have to believe that when Caldwell is let go, they will be let go too. In fact I can’t see anyone surviving and I can’t see Ernie Accorsi going to bat for any of these guys either.

So now what? The Detroit Lions offseason looks to be one filled with excitement. The Lions will soon be hiring their future General Manager and it’s safe to assume that whoever that person may be, they probably have a few coaching options in mind already.

Frankly if you’re thinking of being the Lions GM soon, there isn’t a better situation to walk into. The Lions have plenty of cap space and a plethora of draft picks. Not to mention the coaching pool looks to be chock full of great coaches. Some will hit the market the same way Caldwell will, and some will come in from college or make the jump from coordinator.

In any event, we here at SideLion Report have our opinions on who the Lions should tap to coach the team in 2016. I decided to go to my guys on the staff and see exactly who they think the Detroit Lions should be looking at right now. I’ll get us started off with what can be perceived as a dream scenario.

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