Detroit Lions: Week 14 Playoff Hope Guide


Believe it or not, the Detroit Lions playoff hopes are still alive. Barely breathing alone in the woods, but still alive nonetheless.

While it could still happen, the chances are so slim that I urge Lions fans to hope for the best, but be more than ready to expect the worse. Having said that, here is what needs to happen in week 14 for the Lions to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Vikings at Cardinals

This game is already in the books as of this morning. In the end it won’t matter how the Vikings finish. They hold the tie breaker over the Lions if they should happen to lose out and find themselves at 8-8. But regardless of that, it’s still nice to see a division foe on a three game losing streak.

Nov 26, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions running back Theo Riddick (25) smiles after a play against the Philadelphia Eagles during the first quarter of a NFL game on Thanksgiving at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Lions at Rams

This one is simple. The Detroit Lions must get the job done against the Rams in Sunday or this will be the last time write an article like this until 2016. I’m sure there is a scenario that puts the Lions in at 7-9, but you’re talking about the impossible on top of the impossible. Impossible times infinity if you will. This game marks the beginning of a favorable stretch for the Lions. They must take advantage of the leagues 31st ranked offense on Sunday. This game does have all the makings of a trap game though.

Bills at Eagles

The Lions dismantled the Eagles on Thanksgiving day. You had to know that the Eagles would go and beat the Patriots the very next week. This is how the NFL works. The Lions would hold a tie breaker over the Eagles if both teams finished 8-8. But the Eagles still have a shot at 9-7. Having said that, a Bills win would make things a little easier for the Lions.

Falcons at Panthers

One of the teams that will be a road block for the Lions is the Atlanta Falcons. Due to conference wins the Falcons would go in over the Lions if both teams finished at 8-8. The good news for the Lions is that the Falcons are on a five game losing streak after starting at 6-0. The other good news is that the Falcons have to play the best team in the NFL in Carolina this weekend. A Panthers win would sure help.

Redskins at Bears

It’s hard to get a reading on this Bears team. One week they beat the Packers in Green Bay. The next they lose to the 49ers at home. Nevertheless the Bears are a game ahead of the Lions as of today. If Kirk Cousins can have a good day against the NFL’s second ranked pass defense, the Lions will move ahead of the Bears in the NFC North. Frankly the Redskins need this win more than the Lions. We’ll see if they bring it on Sunday.

49ers at Browns

Doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. But a 49ers loss further separates the from the Lions in the standings. The 49ers might get themselves a better quarterback in the draft with a loss in Cleveland.

Saints at Bucs

The Bucs could cause some problems for the Lions if they continue to win. This why the Lions need the team they face on Monday night football in week 15 to get the win here. Problem is the Saints 32nd ranked defense has had trouble stopping anyone. The good news is the Saints defense can score. The rest of the saints games could be shootouts. It’s important for the Lions that they win this week and lose next week.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks at Ravens

Sorry Lions fans. Detroit needs the Ravens to win on Sunday and it just isn’t going to happen. Stranger things have happened in the NFL, but this game is a lock for the Seahawks. I mean a stone cold lock. This will likely be the thorn in the Lions side when it’s all said and done.

Cowboys at Packers

I have a strange feeling about this game. This one can really go either way for the Lions. The best scenario for the Lions is to be the third NFC North team in the postseason. If the Cowboys win, it will be an embarrassing loss for the Packers and that’s about it. If and when the Packers win this game, the Lions can have even more space between them and the Cowboys.

Giants at Dolphins

This won’t change much for the Lions. It will however change things in the NFC East and a Dolphins win would put the Lions ahead of the Giants in the NFC standings. Although I really do enjoy watching Ndamukong Suh lose. I’m torn.

There’s your rooting guide for the week Lions fans. Once again I beg you to not get excited. If it happens, it happens. But be prepared for it to not happen. Maybe we’ll be back next week with another piece.