Six Free Agents the Detroit Lions should be looking at right now

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Kamar Aiken

If I’m the Baltimore Ravens, I might be discussing a contract with Aiken as we speak. Kamar is in no way a franchise changing receiver. He’s not even a game changing receiver. But he can make plays when needed.

Kamar will likely find himself in an interesting position if he decides to hit the open market this summer. He’s looked good in relief of Steve Smith Sr. But the Ravens have looked so bad that it’s overshadowed anything positive on the roster.

There will be teams that are interested in Aiken. But his one place where he can truly have a chance to succeed may be in Detroit. Aiken can take advantage of the coverage that Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate receive and maybe be the third guy that Lance Moore, Corey Fuller, Tj Jones, Ryan Broyles, Kevin Ogletree, Mike Thomas and Kris Durham were supposed to be.

Naturally Aiken would come at a relatively low expense. On a one year deal, both parties could benefit.

Let’s dream a little shall we?

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