Predicting the Detroit Lions final six games

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The outlook in Allen Park has appeared to change as of late. A Detroit Lions team that was down on its luck just two weeks ago, looks to have a whole new attitude going forward. Momentum can be a crazy thing. The Lions have seemingly started to build that after a huge upset win over the Green bay Packers in week ten.

After beating a very good Oakland Raiders team this past Sunday, the Lions find themselves on a bit of a mini winning streak going into a very favorable part of their schedule. The Lions will face off against only one more winning team in the Packers in week 13. Otherwise the Lions go up against three back up quarterbacks and a Bears team that’s only won one home game in 2015 and only eight in the past three seasons. The Bears also have not beaten the Lions since 2012.

With the Lions favorable schedule, the Vikings going into the toughest part of their schedule and a mediocre NFC, it’s not crazy to assume a 9-7 or possibly even an 8-8 team can sneak into the sixth seed in the playoffs this year. But can the Lions be one of them? That’s the million dollar question at this point. It’s very hard to trust a team that’s played horrible football up until two weeks ago. But if the Lions were ever planning to go on a run, this is the time to do it.

Today I want to go through the rest of the Lions schedule and predict how the Lions will really finish the 2015 season.

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