If the Detroit Lions were in the WWE?

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No bones about it, I’m a total and complete nerd. When I was a kid I wanted to be one of four things: An NBA superstar, a movie star, a writer or a pro wrestler. Considering I’m too short and out of shape to be three of those things, writing came much more naturally. Still to this day I find myself infatuated with pro wrestling. I watch and re-watch all the matches, documentary’s, and even the horrible movies starring WWE superstars.

Naturally I find myself taking my love of wrestling and movies to work with me on a daily basis. This inspired me to wonder what the Detroit Lions would be like if they were in the WWE. I’ve been racking my brains for a while now trying to find some way I could correlate the two and both explain to Lions fans how their team could be described in such a way, and also describe to wrestling fans who don’t watch football, what the Detroit Lions are really like.

My first inclination was to compare the team to one professional wrestler. But I couldn’t find a way to expound upon comparing the Lions to D’Lo Brown, other than to say that like the former Nation of Domination member, the Lions have shown plenty of spark and ability to be a main eventer, but could never get past mid card status.

The Streak is over, now what?

It suddenly hit me that the best way to break it all down is to compare the Lions to some of the many factions of the past and present of pro wrestling. Exactly which faction or factions would the Lions equate to if they stepped foot into the squared circle? I reached out to the Lions fans themselves to get some ideas and the responses flooded in immediately. To warn you going in, there are certainly no mentions of the NWO, DX, Four Horsemen, Corporation or Evolution.

Follow along as we find out who the Lions would be in the WWE.

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