NFL Week Ten Picks


After a week relatively free of any Lions drama or losses, Detroit takes the field once again. Right now the Lions hold the top overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, but a win against Green Bay could vault them as high as picking sixth. Of course the Lions have not won as the visitors against the Packers since 1991.

Three of our prognosticators have topped the 80-win mark, with Sean Baligian still leading the way over Jeff Risdon and Derek Mack. There are divides on several picks this week, so those trailing in the standings have a chance to make up some ground.

WeekPaytonWilliamsPlatteMackPurselGlisson IIDeGainStahlBaligianMeinkeRisdon
Week One5-118-811-59-78-80-08-86-109-78-88-8
Week Two1-158-86-108-86-100-07-96-107-95-116-10
Week Three11-513-313-313-314-211-59-713-312-411-513-3
Week Four11-49-611-411-49-610-512-312-310-59-610-5
Week Five9-58-68-68-69-56-84-107-712-29-510-4
Week Six9-57-77-78-67-78-67-78-69-59-511-3
Week Seven7-68-57-68-58-58-58-57-69-45-87-6
Week Eight8-68-68-69-58-69-58-67-710-49-57-7
Week Nine 6-7 7-6 7-6 7-6 8-5 6-7 9-4 7-6 6-7 5-8 8-5
Total 67-64 76-55 74-57 81-50 77-54 58-41 72-59 72-59 84-47 68-63 80-51

Here’s how everyone sees this week’s slate of games…

Detroit at Green Bay

Packers: Everyone

Lions: Nobody

It’s hard to argue with history, even harder with the Lions in their current state

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Buffalo at New York Jets

Bills: Pursel, DeGain

Jets: Everyone else

Jacksonville at Baltimore

Ravens: Meinke, DeGain, Pursel and Baligian

Jaguars: Everyone else sided with Jacksonville on the road. Pretty even split.

Miami at Philadelphia

This one produced a lot of division

Dolphins: Baligian, Stahl, Glisson

Eagles: Payton, Meinke, Platte, Risdon, DeGain, Pursel

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Nobody was bold enough to predict the Browns to win in Pittsburgh for just the third time in the last 25 years

Chicago at St. Louis

Bears: The cheese, also known as Platte, stands alone with the Bears

Rams: Everyone else cut to the Rams

Dallas at Tampa Bay

Cowboys: Stahl, Williams, Payton

Buccaneers: Meinke, Risdon, Platte, Pursel, Baligian

Carolina at Tennessee

Panthers: The majority believes Carolina remains unbeaten

Titans: Stahl and Risdon called the big upset

Minnesota at Oakland

All but Glisson opted for the Raiders at home

New Orleans at Washington

Glisson likes to step out on his own, as he was the only picker taking the home team

Kansas City at Denver

A clean sweep for the Broncos

New England at New York Giants

Glisson called for the upset and took the Giants. Everyone else fell in line with Team Hoodie.

Arizona at Seattle

Seahawks: Stahl, Risdon and Glisson went out on the limb to choose the home favorites.

Cardinals: Everyone else likes Carson Palmer & friends

Houston at Cincinnati

Everyone chose the Bengals to remain undefeated in the Monday night affair.