Detroit Lions who will likely be gone in 2016

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Stephen Tulloch

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Say it ain’t so. It probably will be. If the Lions do decide to move forward with a rebuilding effort, Tulloch doesn’t fit into those plans at 30 years old. With only one year left on his contract, the Lions could decide to end things earlier and let Tulloch walk with just over a million dollars in guaranteed money.

With all the cap space and draft picks the Lions have, they should have no problem finding a replacement over the offseason. They could always decide to promote from within by moving Tahir Whitehead to the middle where he shined in 2014. Like Bell Tulloch is another guy that you hate to see go after spending so any years in the Motor City. But The Lions are more likely than not heading in the direction of a youth movement that would leave Tully as the odd man out.

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