Comparing the 2015 Detroit Lions to 2008

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The Moments

If Matthew Stafford throwing three interceptions is the most embarrassing moment of 2015, you have nothing to worry about. Because 2008 has all the embarrassing moments you could possibly ask for like this jewel from Dan Orlovsky. Nothing can compare to the embarrassment that was the 2008 season, no matter how you look at it. Ask Kevin Smith.

Look at the defeat, in Kevin’s eyes and hear it in his voice. Smith never got his career going and it’s a shame his personal best came in a season where his team didn’t win a game.

It wasn’t all bad though, the Lions were in some games in 2008 and almost got a win against division rival Chicago Bears in week nine. Even holding a fourth quarter lead late in the game. Then this happened.

For me the worst was Thanksgiving day when the then undefeated Titans came to town a routed the Lions 47-10. Watching an overweight Lendale White tear through the Lions defense with ease still haunts me. Lendale had a pretty good day as you can see.

That day all the pumpkin pie in the world couldn’t have made me happy. What did make me happy however was the termination of Matt Millen that came earlier on in the season and you did get to see a shade of what Calvin Johnson would become.

Looking back on it, I used to say an old saying that I’ve always loved. “Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven.” Little did any of us know, that seven years later the Detroit Lions still haven’t figured things out and the team is on the brink of another possible rebuilding situation as far as the front office and staff goes. It may be bad right now, but 2008 was the worst and you have to see now why that’s unlikely to happen to any team ever again.

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