Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 1

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Stock Up:  Special Teams

The Detroit Lions were never in a position to put Matt Prater out there to kick a field goal, though he made all of his extra points.  Sam Martin continued his excellent play with 3 of his 5 punts being downed inside the 20.  He had one poor punt in the game, however, which is somewhat of a trend he has yet to overcome.

More importantly, the coverage units were stellar against the Chargers.  Where did these guys come from?  Not only were the plugged in returners, Ameer Abdullah and Golden Tate, dangerous enough to get great field position, but the coverage units on both sides of the ball were good enough to set up blocks and make tackles in open space that they were whiffing on all preseason.

I have been very critical of the Joe Marciano signing, and statistically those fears are completely justified.  At worst, now, ESPN’s 32nd ranking of the Detroit Lions special teams unit has already come into question.  The unit looked crisp, and with both the offense and the defense struggling out of the gate, it’s a surprise we all needed.

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