For what it’s worth: Encouraging Detroit Lions Preseason stats

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The Preseason has passed its halfway point in 2015. The Detroit Lions starters are done until week one of the regular season. While keeping in mind that this is just the preseason and means next to nothing when all the dust settles, the Lions showed a lot of promise in a few key stat departments. What’s even more encouraging is that the Lions have managed to top what they did in these departments in 2014. If there were only a good way to explain this is only preseason before I get into the stats. Wait I know how I can explain it.

Last night the film world lost a true legend. Wes Craven past away after a long fight with brain cancer. Back in 1972, long before I was born, Wes Craven directed his first movie. An iconic noir film titled The Last House On The Left. This film about vengeance was so violently gruesome at the time, that a now infamous tag line was attached to the films trailer. The tag line was “To avoid fainting, keep repeating, it’s only a movie, only a movie.” As a tribute to the late Wes Craven, I say to all Lions fans:

To avoid getting overly excited

Keep repeating,

it’s only preseason, only preseason

Lets jump right into it with Matthew Stafford.

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