Pre-Season Preview: What to watch for from the Detroit Lions

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As I start this article, The Detroit Lions are 13 days, 7 hours, 19 minutes and 58 seconds away from the start of Pre-season. After what seemed like such a long offseason, it’s crazy to believe that football is right around the corner. In case you missed it, here is a quick reminder of the Lions pre-season schedule.

New York Jets at Detroit Lions: August 13th on Fox 2 at 7:30

Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins: August 20th on Fox 2 at 7:30

Detroit Lions at Jacksonville Jaguars: August 28th on CBS at 8:00

Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions: September 3rd on Fox 2 at 7:30

As you can see the Lions are facing off against the usual pre-season suspects. With the exception of the Cleveland Browns. There will be many storylines to follow this pre-season. Today I’d like to talk about the most prominent of those storylines.

Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s jump right into it with what’s on everyone’s mind, the defensive line.

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