2015 Detroit Lions Training Camp: Preview, Position Battles, Schedule

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Top 5 Position Battles

When Detroit Lions training camp gets underway later this week, there will be absolutely no shortage of position battles worth keeping a watchful eye on. From rookies to veterans, everyone wants to play — and they’ll all likely get their chance.

Plus, competition makes EVERYONE better!

Here are our top 5 position battles worth watching:

5. Backup Quarterback: Dan Orlovsky vs. Kellen Moore

This training camp battle is now two years in the making, however the best may be yet to come. After a stout showing during last years preseason, Kellen Moore was negated to clip board duties once more behind Matthew Stafford and Dan Orlovsky.

While Moore does a great job in his role with the Lions organization, his fan base not only in Detroit but nation wide is eager to see what he can do in a role where he actually dresses in pads for a game.

While we all know that we’ve heard this line before, this season truly may be Moore’s best chance to climb the depth chart.

In the past, the Lions have proven that they don’t mind keeping three quarterbacks on the roster, but ideally it’s really not a great idea. On a roster where only 53 players are allowed, that roster spot could be better suited for another skill position or special teams body.

Does Moore deserve to finally claim the No. 2 quarterback spot? I say why not. Perhaps with a strong showing over the next month the coaching staff will feel the same way.

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