The Detroit Lions and The Eric Ebron Narrative

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The media has always been known to put their slant on anything and everything. The use of certain tactics to bring in readers or change perceptions is something that has made the media the billion dollar industry that it is today.

One constant tactic in any form of media from news media to entertainment to sports, is fear. You fear whats going on with Benghazi or Isis, so you stay up till the 11 o’ clock news to find out. You fear that the world doesn’t find you pretty/handsome enough, so you buy the cosmetics the magazine suggests to make yourself feel good enough. You worry about what your kids are watching or listening to, so you take the advice of a short-sighted person on TV who has no kids because they tell you it’s wrong.

You fear that your football team made the wrong choice, so you rebel against it and subconsciously look for any reason to dislike it. That is what the Detroit Lions and their 2014 1st round selection Eric Ebron are going through at this point.

The media has downgraded many careers over its time. From Joe Dumars to pick a goalie or pitcher from a hat. But never has it picked on an athlete with such fervor like it does Eric Ebron.

Oct 5, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron (85) prior to the game against the Buffalo Bills at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This partially stems from the fans early feelings that the Lions incorrectly selected a tight end after a summer that was red-hot with Sammy Watkins rumors and the fear that Ndamukong Suh would leave the Lions after the 2014 season. Fans were looking for a reason to dislike this pick from the on set.

The media knew this as well. For that reason, they went from initially liking the pick to fueling the fans fiery dislike of Ebron to increase their own views. But does Eric Ebron deserve the criticism? Or is he just like any other average player that struggles in his rookie year?

Today I want to break this all down to better understand the Eric Ebron narrative and why it’s reached the great heights that it has.

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