Analyzing which Detroit Lions could make the Pro Bowl in 2015

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Matthew Stafford

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Pro Bowl offensive MVP could likely find his way back in the Pro Bowl in 2015. No he’s not the dark horse and this like any other player on this list could go either way. The idea behind having Stafford on this list is predicated on whether or not the offense as a whole can improve in 2015.

With a brand new offensive line and promising rushing attack, Stafford could have the opportunities he’s lacked for so long in his career. The ability to keep defenses honest with a balanced offense will keep Stafford on his feet and improved blocking will help him go through his progressions.

The recent news that Joe Lombardi is more willing to let Stafford air it out will help his game as the staff seemingly handcuffed him in that regard in 2014. With a healthy Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Eric Ebron, and whoever wins the 3rd wide receiver sweepstakes, Stafford will have plenty of targets in 2015.

But again, this depends heavily on the Lions indeed fixing their woes from 2014.

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