Analyzing which Detroit Lions could make the Pro Bowl in 2015

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In 2014 the Detroit Lions sent 4 players the Pro Bowl. Three of them were first time Pro Bowlers. If the Lions can find similar success in 2015, that number could grow. While the Pro Bowl is essentially a popularity contest, more often than not popularity comes from production.

The Lions have had their fair share of snubs over the years. None more egregious than DeAndre Levy. Of course Matthew Stafford’s 2011 snub is another popular one. Because the chances of Levy breaking through to the Pro Bowl side are so great, he will not be included in this article.

The question of who will get snubbed n 2015? won’t be answered for some time. But the question of who could make the Pro Bowl in 2015? is a question we can ask right now.

Here are 4 Detroit Lions that could make the Pro Bowl in 2015, including an out of nowhere dark horse.

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