2015 Detroit Lions Roster Analysis: Linebackers

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Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The linebacking core of the Detroit Lions roster could be the most underrated unit of the entire squad. In 2014, it was the defensive line that received a majority of the credit for the Lions No. 2 ranked defense. Now, with the big men in the middle of the d-line gone, and new talent brought it, 2015 may be the time to shine for this stout group of individuals.

Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

When a kid thinks about what position they want to play on defense in football, it’s usually linebacker. Linebackers are the portrait of toughness and grit that epitomizes the game of football. A normal defensive scheme will have the defensive line holding their ground on blockers and the secondary locked in pass coverage, so the linebackers are usually the ones that make the tackle on any given play.

If you want to play linebacker, you have to be versatile in your athletic ability. You will need to have good size and speed. The average NFL linebacker is over 220 pounds and over 6 feet tall. You have to be strong, physical, and mentally tough, not afraid to put your head in there and make a collision. Lastly, you must have a great understanding of football, and ability to read plays successfully.

The Lions have a handful of players that are all currently considered successful or have the potential to be.

We’ve already covered the back end of the Detroit Lions roster, (cornerback and safety) but today we’ll examine the heart of this defensive unit — the linebackers.

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