Detroit Lions News: Eric Ebron Rejects Bust Label, Barry Sanders Signs Urinal


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As the Lions begin the second set of OTAs this offseason, concerns are emerging about former first round draft pick Eric Ebron.  Ebron is supposed to emerge as a top target for Matthew Stafford in 2015. But a case of the dropsies during the last set of OTAs have fans concerned about whether Eric Ebron can ever really develop into the offensive weapon General Manager Martin Mayhew had hoped for.


"“It is what it is,” he said. “It’s one year. You can claim what you want to claim. Your opinions and your statements don’t mean anything to me. It is what it is.”The Lions passed on instant producers such as Beckham, Donald and Taylor Lewan to select Ebron with the 10th overall pick in last year’s draft. They billed the tight end as a Jimmy Graham-type who would operate mostly as a pass-catcher out of the slot."

From a Rookie trying to get his footing in a competitive league to a veteran trying to keep his career going, Rashean Mathis is looking forward to finishing strong during what could be his last contract in the NFL. After a comeback season, the aging Mathis signed a two-year deal to return as Detroit’s starting corner opposite Darius Slay.  But despite being near the end of his career Mathis is keeping is mind on the task at hand, preparing for the 2015 season.

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"…most everyone — Mathis included — figured that it would be his last contract in the NFL. Recently, Mathis found himself saying as much to teammates — that after the 2016 season, he would fade off into the sunset and try to qualify for a professional golf tour somewhere.But this weekend, after a conversation with Bill Bentley, Mathis said he’s no longer looking at next season as his last, even if there’s a good chance it is."

Are you still mad at Barry Sanders for sending a fax announcing his sudden retirement? Would you like to take a piss on his name? If this describes you your chance for revenge awaits on ebay. A urinal from the Pontiac Silverdome autographed by none other than Barry Sanders has been listed with the online retailer. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and can be yours if you bid over $962. A small price to pay for a chance to take a leak on Lions history.

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"Here’s a sound purchase for any Detroit Lions fan: A urinal from the Pontiac Silverdome, autographed by Barry Sanders. With the auction’s opening bid set at a mere $500, it’s an opportunity that can’t be passed up.An explanation of how Sanders signed the urinal is in the listing’s description. Back in May of 2014, pieces of the Silverdome were auctioned off, and Sanders notified the public that he wouldn’t sign any urinals"

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