An in Depth Film Review of Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle Tyrunn Walker

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Run Defense 

If there is one area where Tyrunn seems to struggle, it’s the run game. That isn’t to say he does not make plays in the run game, its just some of his flaws became more apparent. He is a very tall player and struggles with pad level at times. This can lead to him being absolutely blown off the ball, especially when double teamed.  He also struggles with disengaging from blockers at times, constantly he was seconds from making a big play in the run game. This is most likely a problem with his mental procession of plays, because he shows the ability to shed blockers at times. Hopefully with a new scheme that requires less reacting and more attacking he will be freed up to make some big plays in the run game.

However, the problems with pad level and leverage are a little more concerning. Below are two plays where he gets blown out of the play. Both are due to poor pad level and angles to the football. He creates big lanes for the running back to cut through and gets thrown to the ground on one play. The strength and tenacity he brings to the game are completely negated. He needs to improve his leverage and pad level in the run game.

Probably his biggest negative

Again, this is nothing that can’t be fixed and he has shown great pad level and play recognition in his tape. He is just much more inconsistent in this facet of his game. Below are a couple promising plays where he controls his blocker and sheds right into the hole to make tackles for a loss.  In the first play, he stays low and does not lose any ground to the center. He reads the play perfectly and helps clog the hole giving the running back nowhere to go. On the second play, he bursts into the backfield to disrupt the running back and reacts to his inside cut to help make a tackle for a short loss. In this play he gets to shoot the gap instead of controlling his blocker and is the type of play Lions fans should expect from him next year.

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