An in Depth Film Review of Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle Tyrunn Walker

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The main reason we signed Tyrunn Walker is his work ethic. He was an undrafted free agent and constantly has a chip on his shoulder because of it. He also only has one career start and is hungry for the opportunity to become a starter. Every time you watch Tyrunn on tape you see countless effort plays where he outworks everyone on the field. A perfect example of this is in the tweet below, he gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage and sees the running back bursting down the field. Instead of loafing it to the ball (like his fellow D-lineman), Tyrunn chases down the running back and makes a tackle 12-13 yards down the field.

He’s the type of guy you want in your locker room. He has what I call the “Anti-Fairley” quality (who role he will take) where you know he’s going to bring it every play. He is committed to the team and wants to do anything possible to put him over the top. He even runs sprints with the DBs and LBs per the teams websites:

"“I rotate in sometimes with the linebackers and do a couple 20-yard sprints with the DBs just to push myself and get better,” Walker told “Their thing is not to let me win and that’s great, I love to chase the rabbit, which is what I call it, and it’s just going to make me better. I pick my battles. I’m not going to run 100-yard sprints with them, but some short stuff I try to get in with them and run a little bit. “When you’re having fun you’ll work harder, that’s what I’m doing, I’m having fun out here.”"

This is a huge contrast from last year, when Suh missed OTAs like always and Nick Fairley struggled with his weigh so badly he had to be benched. Tyrunn Walker fits the new character profile that Martin Mayhew has been stressing. He also has the most important character trait for a player to have, the strive to improve his craft. He has improved considerably every year since entering the league and this should only increase when Kocurek and Washburn get their hands on him.

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