Detroit Lions: Early concerns for 2015

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Admittedly I am usually a pretty positive guy when it comes to the Detroit Lions. In the past I’ve even been referred to as Mikey Blue Skies. But in reality I have the same concerns about the Detroit Lions as any fan in the state of Michigan.

In 2014 the obvious early worries were the lack of receiving depth and a need for help in the secondary. The latter of the two wound up being a surprise success, while the former continued to be an issue.

The Lions took steps during the offseason to fix their receiving issues and made great strides in the right direction to fill other positional needs. Nevertheless with a new season upon us in 103 days, the Lions have some early concerns, that Lions fans should brace themselves for, even if they don’t become reality.

Today I would like to talk about the top three concerns that Lions fans should be ready for in 2015.

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