SLR Hot Routes: Detroit Lions 2015 NFL Draft Reactions

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5. Grade the 2015 NFL Draft for the Detroit Lions and general manager Martin Mayhew. What grade do you give them and why?

Platte – “It gets a solid B from me.  The team addressed most of their needs and did a good job finding value for their picks.  I’ve been comparing this draft to a healthy filling meal, full of vitamins and nutrients but lacking any kind of spices to make it taste good.  It’s the cold medicine of drafts where fans are forced to plug their nose and accept that it’s good for them despite the aftertaste.”

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DeMara – “B-. Detroit filled their needs in a good way, and drafted help along the offensive line, defensive line and defensive backfield. Those are three spots that had question marks recently. The selections of Alex Carter, Michael Burton and Gabe Wright will tell the story about if this draft succeeds or fails. At each spot, a compelling case could be made for going in a different direction. Still, whenever a team fills needs, they should be applauded. Detroit also may have hit major home runs with their first two picks.”

Shackelford – Laken Tomlinson: 99 Ameer Abdullah: 90 Alex Carter: 78
Gabe Wright: 75 Michael Burton: 60 Quandre Diggs: 85 Corey Robinson: 77 UFA: 75

“Add it all up and the Lions receive a 79.875 for the 2015 NFL Draft, which I’m rounding up to a B. The Tomlinson, Abdullah picks were great upgrades on the roster in positions of need, and arguably every player drafted could contribute or start for the Lions next season with the exception of Corey Robinson. But I really didn’t like the Burton pick in round five. The Lions targeted a player they were familiar with who should help the run game (the theme of this draft), but a full back in round five was a reach. Then again, I said the same thing about drafting a punter in the fifth round a couple seasons ago and I was dead wrong.”

“The other player I want to mention briefly is Quandre Diggs. I think this guy will compete for a starting role at nickel from day one. I love his instincts and ball skills. This could be the steal of the draft when considering finding a starter in round six.”

Fischer – “Grade A-. The Lions filled needs with solid players at the top of the draft and brought in reinforcements at the end of it.  Some may down grade them for selecting a full back in the 5th round. I think Burton was a smart choice who can help with the running game while contributing on special teams.”

Williams – ” I’m giving the Lions and Martin Mayhew a B+. I liked the first three picks, the trade down and even some of the UDFA signings afterwards.

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