SLR Hot Routes: Detroit Lions 2015 NFL Draft Reactions

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1. The move made by Martin Mayhew to trade down, gain picks, a veteran guard and still land the best OG in the draft was huge. However, if we could go back, would you change the Tomlinson selection to one of the other available players? Or do you like the pick?

Kent Platte, Staff Writer – “I liked the pick.  At the time, it probably wasn’t the pick I would have made, but considering who went in the next dozen or so picks I can’t complain.  Tomlinson fell in the 20-40 range on my board, and everyone in that range had a pretty much even grade, so from a pure value standpoint it was good.  I’m ecstatic they didn’t pick Malcom Brown or Eddie Goldman, though picking a guard in the 1st round is usually not the way to go.”

Max DeMara, Staff Writer – “The Tomlinson pick was perfect. He fills a position of need, and considering the addition of Ramirez, might fortify the guard spot completely. There was a question of if Detroit reached for Tomlinson, but they couldn’t risk the guy they liked coming off the board at the hands of another team. All in all, the Lions made the right move, considering they didn’t have a running back or elite defensive tackle to consider in their mind.”

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Braden Shackelford, Staff Writer – “Tomlinson reminds me so much of Larry Warford who I covered extensively two seasons ago. The idea of adding another Larry Warford to the offensive line makes me giddy with excitement for next season– especially with the selection of Ameer Abdullah in round two.”

“Some say drafting Tomlinson in the first round was a reach, but drafting the best guard in the draft who can start across your offensive line for the next 10 years is hardly a reach, particularly when considering the additional draft picks and offensive line depth gained in the trade back. This was easily an A+ move by Mayhew.”

Tony Fischer, Co-Editor – “I like the pick especially since it came after the trade down while acquiring another key piece on the line.  Martin Mayhew completely solved the depth problem in the center of the line with one move. This will be remembered as Mayhew’s signature trade.”

Nate Williams, Co-Editor – “I too liked this pick. At the time, a lot of people thought that selecting Tomlinson at No. 28 overall was a bit of a reach. However, considering the scheme fit, the quality of character and readiness to play at a position of need, it’s hard not like this selection.

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