The Detroit Lions have taken a Moneyball approach this offseason

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Like something directly out of a Hollywood movie, the Detroit Lions have made decisions this offseason that had you scratching your head or jumping for joy. One thing is for sure, nothing the Lions front office has done since the conclusion of the Lions season in January, has been sexy. From letting Ndamukong Suh walk to not signing any high-priced free agents or drafting Todd Gurley, It would appear to some that Martin Mayhew and company are asleep at the wheel. But is that what’s really going on? Let’s look into it.

Dec 8, 2014; San Deigo, CA, USA; Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane (right) during MLB Winter Meetings at Manchester Grand Hyatt. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The man on the right is Billy Beane. You may recognize that name from the 2011 film Moneyball. If you haven’t seen it, pick it up, it’s a good movie. Film critique aside, Beane changed baseball with his methods of scouting and team building. The idea is that you shouldn’t be buying players, you should be buying wins and runs. What Beane has done has now begun to affect all of professional sports. For example, look at the Atlanta Hawks. Here is a team with no star power, but has the best record in the Eastern Conference and could be contending for an NBA Championship this summer.

The Lions are beginning to follow along this Moneyball path. Here are few examples of how.

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