Lions Management Mishandled Ndamukong Suh Situation


Lately, Detroit Lions management has been been anything but.  Much of the “managing” general manager Martin Mayhew and team president Tom Lewand have done thus far in free agency, has been mismanaging.  Since free agency officially began on March 10, the Lions have lost their top three defensive tackles – Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley, and (most likely) CJ Mosley.

Additionally, they have yet to re-sign the 12th best corner from last year (according to PFF) in Rashean Mathis, still have no starting left guard to replace/upgrade Rob Sims, and have yet to find a replacement for recently released running back Reggie Bush.

That’s six major contributors the Lions need to replace.  If you want to nitpick you could add right tackle to the mix, as well as an upgrade for their third receiver position.  Now that the Lions have traded fourth and fifth round picks in the 2015 draft for defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, they have one less need to fill.

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Even so, that still leaves them looking for several major contributors. With the Lions only owning only three picks in the first five rounds of the upcoming draft, it appears something is very wrong with the Lions management, and their math skills.

In recent history, the Lions front office has used free agency to address immediate needs, and the draft to build depth.  But, as things stand now, they will have no such luxuries this time around.  The Lions only have three draft picks in the first five rounds of the upcoming draft, and they need to get at least three immediate contributors.  Based on the Lions draft history under Mayhew’s watch, such high standards are asking a lot.

Ultimately, the Lions are in such a position – where they have no margin for error – because management miscalculated their standing with Ndamukong Suh. Blame Suh (if you need a scapegoat), but Mayhew and Lewand are the culprits.  They continually assured fans they were confident the Lions would be able to re-sign Suh.

Mayhew and Lewand seemed so sure that Suh would re-sign, they declined the option on Nick Fairley at the beginning of last season, and they chose not to put the franchise tag on Suh.  They also chose not to trade Suh, last season, when they could have gotten some type of return for him.  Recently trading for Haloti Ngata and signing Tyrunn Walker is a start, but the Lions have a long way to go to replace Suh, Fairley, and Mosley.

Either management misperceived how much (or how little) Ndamukong Suh wanted to remain in Detroit, or they miscalculated how much value he would have on the open market.  Regardless, Lions management has been missing a lot lately, and they have many Lions fans nervous about their plan moving forward.

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