10 Offensive Players the Detroit Lions Must Watch at the NFL Combine

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This week into next, the second significant roadmap to the NFL Draft takes place, as the prospects put themselves to the test at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Tuesday, we profiled some defensive difference makers. Today, we’re hitting 10 offensive players the Detroit Lions should watch. Next week, we’ll take a detailed look at the top performers from a Detroit perspective.

Offensively, the Detroit Lions struggled in 2015, due in part to the installation of Joe Lombardi’s new scheme and several injuries which crippled the team at key spots on the field and moments in the schedule.

Still, the Lions were able to regain their footing and put points on the board at times. In the 2015 draft, they’ll be looking for a few players who can help them get over this hump while also positively filling in with regards to depth.

There’s plenty of room for the team to grow offensively, and some of these players might help them do that significantly in the years ahead. Here’s some play makers to keep tabs on.

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