Detroit Lions Draft Needs, Final Quarter

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It’s time once again to take a look ahead.  This season, we aren’t looking at the draft as a sure fire need for the Lions, trying to find which top ten player they will pick at the top of the draft.  The Detroit Lions draft position is at worst in the mid-20s, with a shot at being much later.

It’s refreshing to not have to worry, but that doesn’t mean we have to ignore the draft.  We can still look at the Detroit Lions draft needs as a sort of progress report for the season, looking at where the needs are now that we’re 75% done with the season.

Need Numero Uno – Offensive Line

I’m being intentionally vague, once again, with what position the Lions will be looking for in the 2015 draft.  Their first concern should be on the offensive line, but it doesn’t really matter which position they target.  The Lions got a keeper in Larry Warford with their 2013 3rd round pick, but that doesn’t prevent interior OL from being a need. 

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With Travis Swanson getting reps at guard and performing better than expectations, it’s possible he could be kept at guard or ultimately moved to center where he was drafted.  This frees the Lions up to pursue a guard OR a center depending on who is available.

A player like AJ Cann from South Carolina is one possibility here, and he’s presently the #1 interior OL on my big board.  He’d be a bit of a reach in the mid 20s, but if the Lions make a playoff push they could fit him in the first round and I wouldn’t be upset.  Cam Erving is my #2 interior OL and I have him only one spot behind Cann, so it’d be literally the same situation for him.

My personal favorite move here would be somehow landing Brandon Scherff from Iowa.  Putting Scherff and Riley Reiff on the same offensive line, in any combination of tackle or guard, would make me a giddy school boy on runs to the left.

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