Detroit Lions vs. Cleveland Browns: Preseason Watch List

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Corey Fuller

Number to look out for: No. 10

Position: WR

Measurables: 6-2, 200 lbs.

The former track star seems to finally be figuring it out. Since training camp opened Fuller has had his stock continually rise. Fuller’s best attribute is speed. He gets to his top gear in two steps and has blown past defenders throughout training camp.

While he struggled early in camp with certain things, he’s seemed to be able to quickly forget mistakes and move forward, as Jeff Risdon noted early on during camp.

"On one rep he beat Nevin Lawson with a clean outside release and made a nice sideline catch that showed good concentration and footwork. Later, Fuller split a seam between Don Carey and Chris Greenwood and blew past them both, catching a long touchdown strike from Matthew Stafford. His routes were crisper and he ran them with confidence."

Fuller is still learning the intricacies of the NFL game after coming into football late in his college career, but he’s showing improved route running and sticky hands. If he can continue his hot streak into the preseason it’s hard to imagine him not making the Lions final roster.

What to watch for against Cleveland:

There’s a high probability that Calvin Johnson might not see a single snap against the Cleveland Browns. This means that several of the young guys behind him will be able to showcase themselves, including Fuller.

I’m going to be paying attention not only to when Fuller is on the field, but where he is in the formation. Is he split out wide or in the slot? Where is he in bunch formations? Most importantly (it will be hard from the TV broadcast) try to spot what types of routes they have him running in the offense. I would expect a nice dose of go routes down the field, but if he has a real shot to make the roster he’ll need to run a more advanced route tree.