Detroit Lions Training Camp Stock Report 8/5

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Photo by: Dona Keast and Kent Lee Platte

Quick Hits!

Stock Up!  Nate Freese – Freese had a rough day in team drills yesterday, but was constantly attended by Don Muhlbach and Sam Martin.  While some have posited that Tavecchio could be leading the kicking battle, Freese showed both range and accuracy today hitting every kick in drills dead center every time.  Tavecchio missed one wide right, but another two were only a foot or so from being wide the same way as well.

Stock Down… Chris Greenwood – I hate to make it seem like I’m piling it on the athletic Albion product, but he looked relatively poor again today.  Though he didn’t have any game breaking mistakes like his disaster of a Monday, he was consistently outplayed by undrafted players Aaron Hester and Mohammed Seisay.

Stock Up!  Tahir Whitehead – Whitehead continued to impress and has had an overall good camp.  Whitehead showed some nice flashes in coverage, leading explosive RB Theo Riddick.  Dan Orlovsky attempted to throw at Whitehead’s back shoulder, where Riddick would have been able to catch and run uninhibited, but Whitehead anticipated the pass and gave it no chance to be completed, just missing an INT.

Stock Down… Ashlee Palmer – The worst defensive play of the entire practice actually started as a terrible Dan Orlovsky play.  Dan-O stared down Jeremy Ross in the end zone and threw a wobbly stinker in his general direction.  On any other play, that was an int in the end zone by the covering player.  In this instance, that player was Ashlee Palmer, who tripped over himself trying to turn for the ball, resulting in a TD that never should have been.

Stock Up!  Jeremy Ross – Speaking of Jeremy Ross, he had a great day today.  Aside from the TD that never should have been, he also had a couple of solid catches in drills, showing off his strong routes, hands, and YAC ability.

Stock Down… Andre Fluellen – It’s hard to move your stock much lower than oft cut DT/DE Andre Fluellen.  A disastrous series at DE where he managed two encroachment penalties should print his ticket out of town.  Needs to do a lot more to prevent that ticket from being signed.

Stock Up!  Eric Ebron – Ebron started off camp pretty shaky with several drops, but he’s gotten consistently better as camp progressed.  He had several nice grabs today and seems to be settling into his very diverse role in Lombardi’s offense now.  His only mistake was putting too much shuffle in his fake on a fade.  He caught the pass, but he also caught an earful for the wasted movement.

Stock Up!  DeAndre Levy – Levy’s stock has been pretty high all camp, but he continues to amaze at times.  Covering Golden Tate in the slot, Levy mirrored his route perfectly and broke up a rocketed pass with authority.

Stock Up!  Kyle Van Noy – Van Noy has been having some trouble in camp, but with good reason.  The Lions are asking Kyle Van Noy to do EVERYTHING in this defense and it’s a lot to absorb.  I point him out today because he had struggled earlier in the week with coverage, but was setting the standard on how to hand off in zones during pick drills, looking not only like he belonged but like the steal we all thought he was in the second round.