Detroit Lions Training Camp Stock Report 8/4

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Stock Up!

George Winn

George Winn is one of those guys you just love to root for.  His professional career has seen many comparables to Joique Bell, bouncing from one team to another without being able to find a stable to stick to.  The comps don’t stop there as Winn was also considered a team oriented, hard worker and team leader both in High School and college.  He’s easy to get behind, and he’s looked okay, but he wasn’t getting many reps in camp.

That last bit ended today as Winn was given an extended look at tail back and left a strong impression on many.  Aside from just running well, he ran hard and even laid a monstrous hit on rookie safety Jerome Couplin that echoed off the bleachers of Allen Park.  It is those type of plays that will endear him not only to the fans, but to the coaching staff and will earn him more reps during the preseason.  I still think he’s destined for the Practice Squad this year, but plays like that go a long way to securing his spot.

Stock Down…

Don Carey

With no Running Backs dropping today, we look instead to the other side of the ball at safety Don Carey.  The Lions went out of their way to ensure Carey didn’t leave in Free Agency and it was honestly a move I could get behind.  Carey was a solid if unspectacular safety who was okay in run support and below average as a cover nickel corner.

The last two days of practice have not been kind to Carey, however, as he was constantly out of position.  I’m not sure what the deal is, whether it’s due to a lack of understanding with the scheme or just a general nosedive in play, but something is off.  I wouldn’t be concerned if Carey was just struggling a little bit, but he’s consistently been the worst safety on the field the past two practices and that’s disturbing from someone who can’t fall back on being a young player.  He is an established veteran who should be setting the tone, not getting out played by also-struggling undrafted free agents.