Detroit Lions Training Camp Stock Report 8/1

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Stock Down…

Don Carey – Carey had a bad day.  His most notable plays were getting beaten deep by Corey Fuller and later, by Jeremy Ross.

Kyle Van Noy – To be fair to Van Noy, I only saw him briefly as he was mostly working on the other side of the field.  The little bit I did see of him had him lined up in slot coverage over Golden Tate and another receiver (Jeremy Ross?).  It didn’t end well.

Kellen Moore – Moore has reverted back to his elongated throwing motion from his rookie days. His throws lacked any kind of velocity and although he’s reading his progressions fine, the ball just doesn’t get there quick enough.

James Franklin – The 4th man in the QB rotation isn’t going to move from that spot.  His arm is unimpressive and his field awareness is awful.  Almost every play saw him missing a wide open receiver (Mostly Broyles) and scrambling while staring someone down.

Andrew Peacock – The lowest receiver on the Lions roster, how can he possibly move down?  Four drops on the day and some unimpressive routes.

Caraun Reid – Reid wasn’t bad today, but he still belongs here.  As much hype as he’s been receiving, I expected a standout at least.  What I got was a guy who made two good moves in ten.

Montell Owens – Owens did nothing wrong to end up down here, but with Collins and Abrams showing well at FB and Leshoure lighting it up today, he’s on the wrong end of leapfrog.