Jim Schwartz has one week left in Detroit


Dec 22, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz talks to defensive end Devin Taylor (92) and middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch (55) during the fourth quarter against the New York Giants at Ford Field. Giants beat the Lions 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Now I know how Charlie Brown felt when Lucy yanked the football away from him just before he kicked it. The Detroit Lions kicked us in the gut, again. This feeling sucks and it sucks even more than last week sucked. The Lions season has played out like a Shakespearian tragedy and all that’s left is to watch the actors grapple with the thought of being losers. I didn’t want this to end this way and by end, I mean the end of Jim Schwartz’s head coaching career in Detroit.

This hurts more than the others because I felt like Schwartz was going to be a great head coach. He had me and everyone else around here fooled into believing that he knew what he was talking about. But on the field, the evidence is he was in over his head. The numbers are gruesome when you look at them. The Lions are 2-13 in the second half of this and last year. If there’s ever a stat that points out that a team is all talk and no walk, that’s it. They started off an eye-popping 6-3, which seems like a hundred years ago now. Then when everybody started to take them seriously they acted like a little boy who just got punched in the mouth and rather than hit back, they just ran off the field crying.

I think the most telling thing to me was how the players reacted to the pressure of having back to back “absolutely gotta win this game or die” situations. They came out like they were getting audited by the IRS. Almost no passion whatsoever. After Reggie Bush fumbled again (by the way, when he guaranteed that he wouldn’t fumble again the rest of the year, I think he meant that he would fumble EVERY single game for the rest of the year), I could tell that they wouldn’t win the game.

I’ve seen that look too many times in the past not to recognize it. They were just waiting to lose and get it over with. Did anyone else have the feeling last Monday night that there was no way the Ravens kicker was going to miss that 61 yard field goal? The Lions had that look all night. Just waiting to lose.

There were some signs early on that maybe Schwartz was in over his head, like when he chased after Jim Harbaugh and made an ass of himself because his feelings were hurt. He lost me when he had 41 seconds left on the clock in the first half of the Cincy game and he ran plays designed to eat the clock. Just waiting to lose. The fans really gave it to him when he did it again at the end of the Giants game. He replied to them in the same foolish manner, swearing up a storm for the camera’s to capture.

The Lions remind of bunch of rowdy kids on a bus and Schwartz just didn’t have the Kahoeney’s to keep them in line. Like I said at the start. I really didn’t want this to happen. Iv’e rooted for coaches to lose in the past so they would get fired quicker, but that wasn’t the case here.

The players on that bus are noisy but very talented. They just need a different driver now.