Detroit Lions: Highlights from Jim Schwartz’s Monday Press Conference


Oct 13, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz talks with the officials during the third quarter against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Lions beat the Browns 31-17. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz took the podium for his weekly press conference this afternoon. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Way too far to go to start talking about home playoff games or first round byes. Enough challenges to get through practice and build a game plan to start worrying about something two months down the road. Only get there by doing a good job in the moment. Exciting for fans but want to guard against getting ahead of themselves.
  • Being successful in the league is dealing with adversity and bouncing back but dealing with praise and accolades becoming part of the NFL. Difficult to stay even keeled over the course of a season. Haven’t done a good job dealing with it in the past, significant improvement in this group. Reggie Bush setting a good example in that regard.
  • Defensive line’s first job down near the goal line is to protect against the run. Did that on two point attempt at end of the game.
  • Limiting Matt Forte went a long way towards keeping points down.
  • Rocky McIntosh with two big plays – fourth down on Michael Bush and on the first two point attempt. Good acquisition for the team. Been a starter in the league but not his role on this team. Has done a good job when asked to play.
  • Regarding Nick Fairley, any young player is going to deal with inconsistency. Not an indication of effort. A lot of positive yesterday but some things to work on.
  • Brandon Pettigrew doing a lot in running game. Bush with a big run set up by key block from Pettigrew. Also two explosive plays in passing game. Been consistent after keeping his head down and gaining confidence.
  • Wide receivers stepping up as a result of team effort. Offensive line giving Stafford time, Durham beat Jennings on the touchdown pass.
  • Offensive line improved but not a finished product. Stafford getting rid of the ball quickly helps.
  • Akers’ field goal attempt started good but the wind took it. Wind was more of a factor on the field than it looked. Team has a lot of confidence in Akers. Decision to go for it on fourth down instead of kicking field goal had more to do with having just one yard to go.
  • Stephen Tulloch has played well all year. When you limit passes to running backs and tight ends and stop the run, your linebackers are playing well and Tulloch definitely is.
  • Slay has made plays but also given up plays. He’s working hard and has good skills. Some things they thought Rashean Mathis did better on the outside so they moved him and brought in Don Carey to play nickel. Having a veteran like Mathis around is good for young player like Slay.
  • Devin Taylor had an impact on the game starting for Ziggy Ansah. Every time he’s gone on the field he’s done his job.