Lions Tickets a Potential Bargain For 2013


The Lions have an average ticket price of $145.07 for the 2013 season, placing them in the bottom half of the league in terms of most expensive tickets.  When you consider this is a team that lost several gut-wrenching games last year that could have gone either way, and is only one season removed from a playoff game, Lions tickets may be one of the best bargains out there.

Below is a full breakdown of the Lions home schedule with average ticket price and get-in price for each individual game.

Sunday, September 8th vs. Minnesota – Avg. Price: $99, Get-in: $40

The home opener against the Vikings is one of the cheaper games of the year, one of three games with an average ticket price below $100.  Starting the year with a victory against not only a division rival, but one of last year’s two NFC Wildcard teams, will be a great start for Detroit.

Sunday, September 29th vs. Chicago – Avg. Price: $137, Get-in: $60

The cheapest ticket is only $60 and there are three games with a higher average ticket price (Dallas, Green Bay, and Baltimore.)  Chicago fans who don’t want to fork over $150+ to see the Bears at home can certainly find deals a few hours north in Detroit.

Sunday, October 20th vs. Cincinnati – Avg. Price: $99, Get-in: $28

When the Bengals come to town, it’ll cost you less than $30 to grab a seat and the average ticket price is only $99.  This isn’t your father’s Bengals, as they’ve visited the playoffs two years in a row now and are looking to take the next step.  This matchup has the makings of an exciting game as the two best receivers in the game – Megatron and AJ Green – duke it out.

Sunday, October 27th vs. Dallas – Avg. Price: $172, Get-in: $78

The Cowboys visit the Lions and will undoubtedly draw quite a road crowd.  Lions fans will try their best to make sure the crowd is primarily pro-Detroit, but at only $78 for the cheapest ticket, expect some Cowboys fans to trickle into the stadium to root on their boys.

Sunday, November 24th vs. Tampa Bay – Detroit Avg. Price: $97, Get-in: $28

The cheapest game of the year at an average ticket price of $97 and a get-in of only $28.  Schiano and Freeman will lead the Bucs into Ford Field for a matchup with potentially major playoff implications.  If so, ticket prices will certainly rise as we get closer to game time.

Thursday, November 28th vs. Green Bay – Avg. Price: $187, Get-in: $80

The most expensive game of the year falls on Thanksgiving afternoon, as millions gather around the television to watch the Lions yearly afternoon matchup on Turkey Day.  This year, the Packers are back in what will hopefully be a game that will determine supremacy in the division.

Monday, December 16th vs. Baltimore – Avg. Price: $142, Get-in: $49

The defending Super Bowl champions will play on Monday Night Football and you can walk into the arena for less than $50.  The Ravens are in a difficult division – just like the Lions – so there’s no guarantee they’ll be in cruise control toward the playoffs at this juncture.  If I’m a speculative man, I’m grabbing some seats to this game now before they potentially rise due to the importance this game might hold for both teams.

Sunday, December 22nd vs. NY Giants – Avg. Price: $135, Get-in: $40

The Lions finish out their home schedule with a visit from the Giants.  Only two games have a cheaper get-in price, while three games have a lower average ticket price than $135.  Once again, the Lions’ November-December schedule is shaping up to be a non-stop battle against playoff contenders, so these ticket prices may end up considerably north of their figures currently.