Detroit Lions 2013 Opponent Preview: Washington Redskins


Jan 6, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) carries the ball prior to Redskins game against Seattle Seahawks at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions have a dreadful history playing the Redskins in Washington. In fact, the Lions are still looking for the franchise’s first win in that city. The Last time the Lions came home from a road trip with a win over the Redskins was 1935 when the Redskins called Boston home.

The Lions look face a week three road date withe the Washington Redskins this season so I got together with Kiel Maddox of Riggo’s Rag to get the opposition’s perspective.

1. How would you assess the team’s offseason? Did they do what they needed to do through the draft and free agency?

"The Redskins addresed exactly what they had to do in the draft, which was find secondary players that could have an immediate impact day one. Both Baccari Rambo and Phillip Thomas have the tools to do just that. Additionally David Amerson should add some much needed depth at the CB position."

2. Which Rookie are you most excited to see play in 2013 and why?

"Phillip Thomas is without a doubt the guy I, as well as Redskins fans should be excited to see. The Redskins haven’t had a dependable FS since Sean Taylor, and while Phillip Thomas might not be Sean Taylor, he definitely brings a lot to the table, especially with his takeaways."

3. What is the biggest question that still needs to be answered heading into training camp?

"Besides the obvious questions surrounding Robert Griffin III, the biggest question that needs to be answered is whether Leonard Hankerson can be lethal in this offense for the Redskins. He was looked at, at being one of the big play potiental guys for the Redskins, but besides a few players, he hasn’t lived up to everything. Injuries haven’t helped, but heading into his third season there’s a lot expected from Hankerson, especially after the Redskins decided not to take a WR in the 2013 Draft."

4. What are your expectations for the team in 2013?

"The Washington Redskins are a team that has a lot of potenital in 2013, the only question is can they be the first NFC East team to repeat as division champions since the 03/04 Philadelphia Eagles. It can be done, but this isn’t the 2012 schedule which was much easier than the 2013 stretch. The Redskins will have to play well each week. They cannot start off at 3-6 and expect to make another 7-0 run. With the schedule and injuries, 8-8 is ideal for the Redskins in 2013."

5. Right here, right now, are you marking down the game against the Lions as a win, loss or toss-up?

"The game against the lions is a toss-up, not because no game is a given, but because there’s a lot of questions that still need to be answered. Can the Redskins contain Megatron? Can the offensive line block well against Suh who dominated them the last time they played? Home games usually give the advantage, but as the NFL has seen, home games for the Redskins aren’t always a problem for visitors."

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