Madden 13 Week Two Roster Update: Four Lions Up, Two Down


Sep 9, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions running back Kevin Smith (30) runs the ball in the fourth quarter against the St. Louis Rams at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US Presswire

We’re only one week through the NFL regular season but the folks at EA Sports are already tweaking the Madden 13 player ratings. Six Detroit Lions got minor changes to their overall ratings.

The people that control the numbers were apparently more concerned with Matthew Stafford’s three first half interceptions than they were impressed with his orchestration of late drives to make up for the earlier blunders.

Kevin Smith gets rewarded for his two touchdown performance with a minor bump up and two of his offensive lineman get rewarded for their part in it as well with Gosder Cherilus and Dominic Raiola slightly better with this update than they were before it.

It’s nice to see Corey Williams’ performance get recognized with an increase in his overall rating but a bit puzzling to see that fellow defensive lineman Kyle Vanden Bosch has been docked one point.

Here is the full summary of Lions changes in the week two update of Madden 13:

Kyle Vanden BoschDLDETDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Matthew StaffordQBDETDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Kevin SmithHBDETIncrease, from 78 to 80OVR
Gosder CherilusOLDETIncrease, from 78 to 80OVR
Dominic RaiolaOLDETIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Corey WilliamsDLDETIncrease, from 83 to 85OVR

The full list of changes looks like this:

Michael FloydWRARZDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
O’Brien SchofieldLBARZDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Lyle SendleinOLARZDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Beanie WellsHBARZDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Michael AdamsCBARZIncrease, from 69 to 70OVR
Andre RobertsWRARZIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Paris LenonLBARZIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Daryl WashingtonLBARZIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Darnell DockettDLARZIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Kevin KolbQBARZMoved to QB #1 on depth chart
John SkeltonQBARZMoved to QB #3 on depth chart
Levi BrownOLARZPlaced on IR
Javarris JamesHBARZPlaced on IR
Jeremy BridgesOLARZPlaced on IR
Dunta RobinsonCBATLDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Michael TurnerHBATLDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Sam BakerOLATLIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Stephen NicolasLBATLIncrease, from 77 to 80OVR
William MooreSATLIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Julio JonesWRATLIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Asante SamuelCBATLMoved to CB #1 on depth chart
Bradie EwingFBATLPlaced on IR
Shann SchillengerSATLPlaced on IR
Will SvitekOLATLPlaced on IR
Brent GrimesCBATLPlaced on IR
Tim TooneWRATLReleased
Brent GrimesCBATLRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Dominqiue FranksCBATLSigns
Terrence JohnsonCBATLSigns
Paul KrugerLBBALDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Justin TuckerKBALIncrease, from 60 to 63OVR
Tyrod TaylorQBBALIncrease, from 69 to 72OVR
Kelechi OsemeleOLBALIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
Dennis PittaTEBALIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Bernard PollardSBALIncrease, from 80 to 83OVR
Michael OherOLBALIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Joe FlaccoQBBALIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Vonta LeachFBBALIncrease, from 92 to 94OVR
Ray RiceHBBALIncrease, from 94 to 95OVR
Ray LewisLBBALIncrease, from 94 to 95OVR
Ma’ake KemoeatuDLBALMoved to DT #1 on depth chart
Terrence CodyDLBALMoved to DT #2 on depth chart
Damien BerryHBBALPlaced on IR
Emmanuel CookSBALPlaced on IR
Tommy StreeterWRBALPlaced on IR
Bobby RaineyHBBALReleased
Leodis McKelvinCBBUFDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Aaron WilliamsCBBUFDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Stephon GilmoreCBBUFDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Terrence McGeeCBBUFDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Ryan FitzpatrickQBBUFDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Andy LevitreOLBUFDecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Mario WilliamsDLBUFDecrease, from 97 to 96OVR
Arthur MoatsLBBUFIncrease, from 71 to 72OVR
Cordy GlennOLBUFIncrease, from 72 to 74OVR
C.J. SpillerHBBUFIncrease, from 80 to 82OVR
Johnny WhiteHBBUFJersey changed to #29
Fred JacksonHBBUFLowered on depth chart (injury)
C.J. SpillerHBBUFMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Tashard ChoiceHBBUFMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Tyler ThigpenQBBUFMoved to QB #2 on depth chart
Tarvaris JacksonQBBUFMoved to QB #3 on depth chart
T.J. GrahamWRBUFMoved to WR #3 on depth chart
Brad SmithWRBUFMoved to WR #4 on depth chart
Zebrie SandersOLBUFPlaced on IR
Torell TroupDLBUFPlaced on IR
Ron BrooksCBBUFPlaced on IR
David NelsonWRBUFPlaced on IR
David NelsonWRBUFRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Ruvell MartinWRBUFSigns
Johnny WhiteHBBUFSigns
Geoff HangartnerOLCARDecrease, from 80 to 78OVR
Chris GambleCBCARDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Byron BellOLCARIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Brandon LaFellWRCARIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Captain MunnerlynCBCARIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Brandon HoganCBCARPlaced on IR
Adam PodleshPCHIDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Evan RodriguezFBCHIIncrease, from 65 to 66OVR
J’Marcus WebbOLCHIIncrease, from 69 to 73OVR
Lance LouisOLCHIIncrease, from 71 to 73OVR
Alshon JefferyWRCHIIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Chris ConteSCHIIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Henry MeltonDLCHIIncrease, from 80 to 83OVR
Tim JenningsCBCHIIncrease, from 81 to 83OVR
Brandon MarshallWRCHIIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Armando AllenHBCHIMoved to HB #3 on depth chart
Brandon HardinSCHIPlaced on IR
Lorenzo BookerHBCHIPlaced on IR
Lorenzo BookerHBCHIRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Jonathan ScottOLCHISigns
Mohamed SanuWRCINDecrease, from 71 to 69OVR
Manny LawsonLBCINDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Terence NewmanCBCINDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Andy DaltonQBCINDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Nate ClementsCBCINDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Andrew HawkinsWRCINIncrease, from 65 to 67OVR
Clint BolingOLCINIncrease, from 73 to 76OVR
BenJarvus Green-EllisHBCINIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Andrew WhitworthOLCINIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Geno AtkinsDLCINIncrease, from 93 to 94OVR
Jeff FaineOLCINMoved to C #1 on depth chart
Brandon GheeCBCINPlaced on IR
Travelle WhartonOLCINPlaced on IR
Shaun PraterCBCINPlaced on IR
Robert SandsDBCINPlaced on IR
Kyle CookOLCINPlaced on IR
Tayshaun GipsonSCLEAdded to game
Johnson BademosiCBCLEAdded to game
Brandon WeedenQBCLEDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Mitchell SchwartzOLCLEDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
L.J. FortLBCLEIncrease, from 56 to 62OVR
Craig RobertsonLBCLEIncrease, from 61 to 65OVR
Emmanual StephensDLCLEIncrease, from 64 to 66OVR
Buster SkrineCBCLEIncrease, from 70 to 71OVR
Eric HaggSCLEIncrease, from 72 to 77OVR
Ahtyba RubinDLCLEIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Chris GocongLBCLEPlaced on IR
Emmanuel AchoLBCLEPlaced on IR
Joe HadenCBCLERemoved from depth chart (suspension)
Felix JonesHBDALDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Doug FreeOLDALDecrease, from 84 to 82OVR
Chris JonesPDALIncrease, from 64 to 66OVR
Kevin OgletreeWRDALIncrease, from 67 to 74OVR
Jason HatcherDLDALIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
DeMarco MurrayHBDALIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Tony RomoQBDALIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Cole BeasleyWRDALJersey change to #11
Caleb McSurdyLBDALPlaced on IR
Elvis DumervilDLDENDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Manny RamerizOLDENIncrease, from 69 to 70OVR
J.D. WaltonOLDENIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Wesley WoodyardLBDENIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Zane BeadlesOLDENIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Mike AdamsSDENIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Tracy PorterCBDENIncrease, from 80 to 83OVR
Demaryius ThomasWRDENIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Von MillerLBDENIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Peyton ManningQBDENIncrease, from 93 to 94OVR
Justin BannanDLDENMoved to DT #1 on depth chart
Kevin VickersonDLDENMoved to DT #2 on depth chart
Jason HunterDLDENPlaced on IR
Jeremy BealDLDENPlaced on IR
Mario FanninHBDENPlaced on IR
Ty WarrenDLDENPlaced on IR
C.J. DavisOLDENReleased
Ty WarrenDLDENRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Dan KoppenOLDENSigns
Kyle Vanden BoschDLDETDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Matthew StaffordQBDETDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Kevin SmithHBDETIncrease, from 78 to 80OVR
Gosder CherilusOLDETIncrease, from 78 to 80OVR
Dominic RaiolaOLDETIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Corey WilliamsDLDETIncrease, from 83 to 85OVR
Sean RichardsonSGBAdded to game
Don BarclayOLGBAdded to game
James StarksHBGBDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Morgan BurnettSGBDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Cedric BensonHBGBDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
T.J. LangOLGBDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Bryan BulagaOLGBDecrease, from 89 to 87OVR
Jeff SaturdayOLGBDecrease, from 90 to 88OVR
Marshall NewhouseOLGBIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Randall CobbWRGBIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Tim MasthayPGBIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Desmond BishopLBGBPlaced on IR
Vic So’otoLBGBReleased
Lestar JeanWRHOUIncrease, from 67 to 68OVR
Kareem JacksonCBHOUIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
J.J. WattDLHOUIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Duane BrownOLHOUIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Randy BullockKHOUPlaced on IR
Rashad ButlerOLHOUPlaced on IR
Keyaron FoxLBHOUPlaced on IR
Justin HickmanLBINDAdded to game
Tom ZbikowskiSINDDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Vontae DavisCBINDDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Cory ReddingDLINDDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Jerrell FreemanLBINDIncrease, from 51 to 58OVR
Donnie AveryWRINDIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Coby FleenerTEINDIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Mike McGlynnOLINDIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Pat McAfeePINDIncrease, from 84 to 86OVR
Reggie WayneWRINDIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Robert MathisLBINDIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Vick BallardHBINDMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Joe ReitzOLINDMoved to LG #1 on depth chart
Seth OlsenOLINDMoved to LG #2 on depth chart
Jeff LinkenbachOLINDMoved to RT #2 on depth chart
Korey LindseyCBINDPlaced on IR
Brandon McKinneyDLINDPlaced on IR
A.Q. ShipleyOLINDReleased
Mike PersonOLINDReleased
Trai EssexOLINDSigns
Guy WhimperOLJAXDecrease, from 74 to 72OVR
Cecil ShortsWRJAXIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Blaine GabbertQBJAXIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Eugene MonroeOLJAXIncreease, from 87 to 89OVR
Reggie CornerCBJAXPlaced on IR
John EstesOLJAXPlaced on IR
Will RackleyOLJAXPlaced on IR
Jason SpitzOLJAXPlaced on IR
Brian RobiskieWRJAXReleased
Colin ClohertyTEJAXReleased
Stephen SpachTEJAXSigns
Herb TaylorOLJAXSigns
Jacques ReevesCBKCDecrease, from 69 to 68OVR
Matt CasselQBKCDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Dwayne BoweWRKCDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Shaun DraughnHBKCIncrease, from 64 to 68OVR
Dexter McClusterWRKCIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Edgar JonesLBKCMoved to ROLB #2 on depth chart
DeQuan MenzieCBKCPlaced on IR
Martin RuckerTEKCPlaced on IR
Cameron SheffieldLBKCReleased
Ryan TannehillQBMIADecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Daniel ThomasHBMIADecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Richie IncognitoOLMIADecrease, from 78 to 76OVR
Derrick ShelbyDLMIAIncrease, from 63 to 65OVR
Marcus ThigpenHBMIAIncrease, from 65 to 67OVR
Reshad JonesSMIAIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Mike PounceyOLMIAIncrease, from 80 to 82OVR
Randy StarksDLMIAIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Jonathan FreenyLBMIAMoved to ROLB #2 on depth chart
Kelcie McCrayDBMIAPlaced on IR
Artis HicksOLMIAPlaced on IR
Sammy BrownLBMIAReleased
Ryan BakerDLMIASigns
Charlie JohnsonOLMINDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Jared AllenDLMINDecrease, from 98 to 97OVR
Blair WalshKMINIncrease, from 66 to 69OVR
Brandon FuscoOLMINIncrease, from 73 to 76OVR
Chris CookCBMINIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Jerome FeltonFBMINIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Erin HendersonLBMINIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Brian RobisonDLMINIncrease, from 86 to 88OVR
Wes WelkerWRNEDecrease, from 95 to 94OVR
Tavon WilsonSNEIncrease, from 71 to 72OVR
Ryan WendellOLNEIncrease, from 72 to 74OVR
Dont’a HightowerLBNEIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Chandler JonesDLNEIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Stevan RidleyHBNEIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Kyle LoveDLNEIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Aaron HernandezTENEIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Jerod MayoLBNEIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Vince WilforkDLNEIncrease, from 95 to 96OVR
Daniel FellsTENEMoved to TE #3 on depth chart
Will AllenSNEPlaced on IR
Josh BarrettSNEPlaced on IR
Jeff DempsHBNEPlaced on IR
Spencer LarsenFBNEPlaced on IR
Visanthe ShiancoeTENEPlaced on IR
Eric KattaniFBNEReleased
Michael HoomanawanuiTENESigns
Jonathan VilmaLBNOAdded back to Saints roster (suspension over)
Tyrunn WalkerDLNOAdded to game
Bryce HarrisOLNOAdded to game
Malcolm JenkinsSNODecrease, from 83 to 81OVR
Roman HarperSNODecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
David HawthorneLBNODecrease, from 88 to 86OVR
Cameron JordanDLNOIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Lance MooreWRNOIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Jimmy GrahamTENOIncrease, from 95 to 96OVR
Chris ChamberlainLBNOPlaced on IR
Nick ToonWRNOPlaced on IR
Marcel JonesOLNOPlaced on IR
Marcel JonesOLNORemoved from depth chart (injury)
Adewale OjomoDLNYGAdded to game
Kevin BootheOLNYGDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Linval JosephDLNYGDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
David DiehlOLNYGDecrease, from 84 to 82OVR
Corey WebsterCBNYGDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Victor CruzWRNYGDecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Hakeem NicksWRNYGDecrease, from 94 to 93OVR
Domenik HixonWRNYGIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Michael BoleyLBNYGIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Brandon MosleyOLNYGPlaced on IR
Shaun RogersDLNYGPlaced on IR
Terrell ThomasCBNYGPlaced on IR
Damon HarrisonDLNYJAdded to game
Jeremy KerleyWRNYJIncrease, from 67 to 69OVR
Stephen HillWRNYJIncrease, from 69 to 72OVR
Kyle WilsonCBNYJIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Mark SanchezQBNYJIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Antonio CromartieCBNYJIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Demario DavisLBNYJJersey change to #56
Josh BakerTENYJPlaced on IR
T.J. ConleyPNYJReleased
Patrick TurnerWRNYJReleased
Robert MalonePNYJSigns
Josh BakerTENYJSigns
Rod StreaterWROAKIncrease, from 66 to 67OVR
Miles BurrisLBOAKIncrease, from 68 to 69OVR
Brandon MyersTEOAKIncrease, from 71 to 72OVR
Rolondo McClainLBOAKIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Jacoby FordWROAKLowered on depth chart (injury)
Ron BartellCBOAKLowered on depth chart (injury)
Shawntae SpencerCBOAKMoved to CB #1 on depth chart
Joselio HansonCBOAKMoved to CB #2 on depth chart
Rod StreaterWROAKMoved to WR #3 on depth chart
Derek HaganWROAKSigns
Nate MenkinOLPHIAdded to game
Danny WatkinsOLPHIDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Michael VickQBPHIDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Stanley HaviliFBPHIIncrease, from 63 to 68OVR
Bryce BrownHBPHIIncrease, from 65 to 66OVR
Chas HenryPPHIIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Kurt ColemanSPHIIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
King DunlapOLPHIIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Jason KelceOLPHIIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Dominique Rodgers-CromartieCBPHIIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Jeremy MaclinWRPHIIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Nnamdi AsomughaCBPHIIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Jaiquwan JarrettSPHIReleased
Mardy GilyardWRPHISigns
Adrian RobinsonLBPITAdded to game
Keenan LewisCBPITDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Doug LegurskyOLPITDecrease, from 75 to 72OVR
Isaac RedmanHBPITDecrease, from 77 to 75OVR
Max StarksOLPITDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Willie ColonOLPITDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Brett KeiselDLPITDecrease, from 87 to 85OVR
Jonathan DwyerHBPITIncrease, from 67 to 71OVR
Larry FooteLBPITIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
Jeremy KapinosPPITPlaced on IR
Sean SpenceLBPITPlaced on IR
David DeCastroOLPITPlaced on IR
David DeCastroOLPITRemoved from depth chart (injury)
DeMarcus Van DykeCBPITSigns
Ronnie BrownHBSDDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Kendall ReyesDLSDIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
Corey LiugetDLSDIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Nate KaedingKSDIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Jared GaitherOLSDLowered on depth chart (injury)
Mike HarrisOLSDMoved to LT #1 on depth chart
J.R. SweezyOLSEADecrease, from 72 to 70OVR
Breno GiacominiOLSEADecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Clinton McDonaldDLSEAIncrease, from 66 to 69OVR
K.J. WrightLBSEAIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Brandon MebaneDLSEAIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Donte WhitnerSSFDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Alex BooneOLSFIncrease, from 69 to 72OVR
Anthony DavisOLSFIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Jonathan GoodwinOLSFIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
Alex SmithQBSFIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
David AkersKSFIncrease, from 91 to 93OVR
Parys HaralsonLBSFPlaced on IR
Ty NsekheOLSTLAdded to game
Lance KendricksTESTLDecrease, from 74 to 72OVR
Kendall LangfordDLSTLDecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
John HekkerPSTLIncrease, from 51 to 54OVR
Greg ZeurleinKSTLIncrease, from 61 to 64OVR
Matthew MulliganTESTLIncrease, from 65 to 68OVR
Jo-Lonn DunbarLBSTLIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Brit MillerFBSTLIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Janoris JenkinsCBSTLIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Cortland FinneganCBSTLIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Robert TurnerOLSTLMoved to C #1 on depth chart
Matthew MulliganTESTLMoved to TE #1 on depth chart
Lance KendricksTESTLMoved to TE #2 on depth chart
Trevor LawsDLSTLPlaced on IR
Scott WellsOLSTLRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Kellen HeardDLSTLSigns
Danny NobleTETBAdded to game
Lavonte DavidLBTBIncrease, from 71 to 72OVR
Doug MartinHBTBIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Gerald McCoyDLTBIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Ronde BarberSTBIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Aqib TalibCBTBIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Davin JosephOLTBPlaced on IR
Will WitherspoonLBTENDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Leroy HarrisOLTENDecrease, from 86 to 84OVR
Steve HutchinsonOLTENDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Michael GriffinSTENDecrease, from 89 to 87OVR
Chris JohnsonHBTENDecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Michael RoosOLTENDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Akeem AyersLBTENIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Scott SolomonDLTENMoved to LE #2 on depth chart
Kenny BrittWRTENMoved to WR #1 on depth chart (suspension over)
Eugene AmanoOLTENPlaced on IR
Dave BallDLTENPlaced on IR
Leger DouzableDLTENPlaced on IR
Kevin MalastLBTENPlaced on IR
Marc MarianiWRTENPlaced on IR
Gerald McRathLBTENPlaced on IR
Troy KropogOLTENReleased
Pannel EgbohDLTENReleased
Deuce LutuiOLTENSigns
Roy HeluHBWASDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Kory LichtensteigerOLWASDecrease, from 80 to 78OVR
Aldrick RobinsonWRWASIncrease, from 60 to 63OVR
DeJon GomesSWASIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
Alfred MorrisHBWASIncrease, from 70 to 74OVR
Darrel YoungFBWASIncrease, from 74 to 77OVR
Billy CundiffKWASIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Will MontgomeryOLWASIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
Pierre GarconWRWASIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Robert Griffin IIIQBWASIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Josh WilsonCBWASIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Ryan KerriganLBWASIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Trent WilliamsOLWASIncrease, from 87 to 89OVR
Alfred MorrisHBWASMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Evan RoysterHBWASMoved to HB #2 on depth chart
Jordan BernstineSWASPlaced on IR
Nick SundbergLSWASPlaced on IR
Jordan BernstineSWASRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Nick SundbergLSWASRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Jordan PughSWASSigns
Justin SnowLSWASSigns