Detroit Lions Schedule Preview: Houston Texans


Our preview of the opponents on the Detroit Lions’ 2012 schedule continues with their opponent on Thanksgiving Day: the Houston Texans.

My thanks to Riley Cavanagh, editor at Toro Times, for taking the time to answer my questions.

1. What is your initial reaction to the Texans’ 2012 draft?

RC: The Texans’ 2012 draft was more of the same gold from General Manager Rick Smith and the rest of the front office. After replacing Mario Williams with a more than capable player in Whitney Mercilus they traded out of the second round to get a little help on the offensive side of the ball with Brandon Brooks, a guard from Miami of Ohio, and DeVier Posey, a wide receiver from Ohio State with several off the field problems. The Texans then added their likely starter in the slot in Keyshawn Martin, a receiver from Michigan State.

2. Are there any concerns about Matt Shaub given his inability to play in all 16 games in three of his five seasons in Houston?

RC: No concerns about Schaub whatsoever. He is our quarterback and any Texans fan would tell you he is top 12 passer. After the freak injury last year we have to knock on wood that we won’t see another. He won’t be asked to do much this year as he has the best tandem running game in the league and a top five defense.

3. How are Texans fans feeling about the defense after losing Mario Williams to free agency?

RC: The Texans defense remains confident. The Bulls on Parade were the number two rated defense without Mario Williams for much of the season even with changing schemes to the 3-4 without an training camp. There is no reason to believe the Texans won’t have an elite defense again this year.

4. What has the reaction been to the Texans being scheduled to play the Lions on Thanksgiving Day?

RC: From everyone I’ve talked to, the fact that the Texans are playing on Thanksgiving is extremely exciting. Especially considering it’s not a gimmicky matchup with the Cowboys to create a Texas rivalry that doesn’t exist, or even worse one of the additional Thanksgiving games that just got tacked on for the sake of having additional games. Not only is Thanksgiving a great tradition it will be a phenomenal matchup between one of the best offenses in the NFL against one of the best defenses.

5. What are your expectations for the Texans in 2012?

RC: My expectations for the Texans this year is a Super Bowl appearance at the very least, if not a win. The Texans are deep at every position and that should keep them healthy throughout the season. When they reach the playoffs they have a defense that can shut people down and a high octane offense.

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