Detroit Lions Website Landing Page Has an Interesting Detail


Head to and you’ll find a landing page advertising season tickets. That’s not new, they’ve been running those for quite some time, but there is an image detail that is interesting in the current version. Take a close look:

Did you notice that the Reebok logo on Calvin Johnson’s uniform has been blurred out? Nike recently took over as the NFL’s uniform provider and immediately played hardball with Reebok over the sale of Tim Tebow jerseys that Reebok rushed to the market at the end of their deal.

The blurring of the Reebok logo doesn’t appear to be a league-wide initiative so my guess is that someone in the Lions did it on their own – perhaps as an offering of goodwill while they discuss an alternate uniform with Nike. It should be noted that the Nike logo on CJ’s glove remains so this isn’t a full effort to remove other logos from the ad.

This isn’t the first time some curiosities have occured with the season ticket ad landing page. An image of Calvin Johnson was replaced by an image of Jim Schwartz when the NFL lockout began last Spring. The ad was updated to feature Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh when the lockout ended.

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