Are The Detroit Lions About To Get A New NFC North Rival?


If you’ve followed the NFC North at all in the past years, you’ve heard about Minnesota’s plans to build the Vikings a new stadium.  I wrote a year ago that Viking fans shouldn’t worry.  I was wrong, Viking fans should be panicking right now.

An excerpt from a Yahoo article:

"Stadium supporters have been scrambling since a House committee voted down the latest proposal Monday night, a $975 million plan to tear down and rebuild on the Metrodome site in downtown Minneapolis. The team is committed to play its upcoming season in the Metrodome, but Dayton says failure to approve a stadium plan this session increases the chances of Minnesota losing the franchise."

So the state government voted against the proposal and the lease for the Metrodome is about to expire.  Terrible news if you are Vikings fan or a fan of the NFC North.

The governor said that they can try and get a deal done next year but the NFL said that “next year is too late.”  There has been talk about the governor of Minnesota calling a special session later in the year.  It seems like the last chance for Viking fans to see the stadium bill passed.  However, in an article that came out today, it seems like that isn’t going to happen.

"The chances of me calling a special session with this Legislature is somewhere between extremely slim and extremely none."

Roger Goodell and Art Rooney are heading up to Minnesota to put more pressure on the legislatures, but it doesn’t look good at all for the Vikings.

First of all, I personally want the Vikings to stay in Minnesota.  The Bears, Packers, Vikings, and Lions have all been in the same division since 1967.  It would be a shame if Minnesota loses the Vikings to another city.

Let’s say that the Vikings franchise does leave Minnesota, where would they go?  The obvious choice would be Los Angeles and there has been a lot of talk recently about it.

Who would fill the void left by the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North?  Well the NFL could pull a NHL (have Winnipeg in the Southeast Division) and keep Los Angeles in the NFC North.  I think the best choice would be putting the Vikings franchise in the NFC West and putting the St. Louis Rams in the NFC North (although they may end up moving to LA too).  What about the Chiefs and Vikings switching positions?

Like I said, I hope the Vikings are able to stay in Minnesota, but if they do move it will be interesting to see who ends up being the new rivals of the Lions.