Detroit Lions Give the Best Christmas Present of the Year


Thank you, Santa. Thanks for the best Christmas present I ever received. Sure, trinkets and toys are nice, but NOTHING compares to watching your long, long, long suffering team not only make the playoffs, but crash the party with style.

We deserved this. No fan has suffered more than the Detroit Lions fan. The butt of endless jokes on late night television just notified the NFL that they WILL be attending the exclusive party that they hold at the end of every season. While I expect this to happen on a yearly basis for the next decade, there will never be another FIRST time in forever for making the playoffs.

I forgot what it was like to play in a game so important in late December. Two hours before the game, I was barking at everything in sight, and it was Christmas Eve. It took all of one minute to be assured that the Lions indeed were ready to play this game when Matt Stafford, alias “The Kid”, connected on a long pass to Calvin Johnson to start the game. It just made you smile knowing that the Chargers practiced all week to stop Megatron, and on the very first play the Lions said “I don’t think so.”

That first half might have been the best football I’ve ever seen from the Detroit Lions. When I’m close to dying and my life flashes before my eyes, that first half will be very prominent in those visions. You could tell all week by their comments that the Lions were going to be READY for this game, but did anyone expect that? I mean, they ONLY had 8 yards in penalties.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again right here: I’ve waited my whole life for THIS team to show up. A Lions team that is strong on top, management and coaching staff, and fearless on the field. It all starts with number 9. Matt Stafford is ready to crash the conversation of who is the best quarterback in the league. The Kid’s not there yet, but is there any doubt that with Megatron by his side he won’t be there as early as next year? If it wasn’t for that broken finger, he surely would be looking at 5000 yard and 40 touchdowns, with merely 10 interceptions in ONLY his first full season in the bigs. That’s stupid incredible.

I still haven’t come down from that high of watching my Detroit Lions playing their best game of the year. I don’t see any difference from where the Lions are today to where the Green Bay Packers were last year. Did you know that the Leo’s are 14-5 in their last 19 games?

The Lions have done what was thought to be impossible. They took an 0-16 team, and in 3 short years, transformed them into one of the most dangerous teams in the league. The best Christmas present I ever got was this year when the Lions were turned into, I can’t believe I’m saying this, a SUPER BOWL contender. Hang on folks, with this team’s strong will and talent, they just might take us to heights that we could only dream about for the last fifty years. Merry Christmas to all of us.

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