Detroit Lions Escape From Oakland With Playoffs in their Sights


The Lions did it again. They came back from ANOTHER double digit deficit to beat the Oakland Raiders on their home turf. TEAM SWAG is back. Once again the Lions proved that no lead is safe against them until the clock strikes 0.

With the ball on the 2 yard line in the Black hole and Raider nation on it’s feet screaming for his head on a platter, Matthew Stafford calmly adjusted his Megatron glasses and focused on the superstar wide receiver and together they produced one of the most exciting and important wins in more than a decade. Even though Suh was “Ndamukong Who?” most of the game, his blocked field goal sealed a win that should have Motown parting like it’s 1999 – the last year the Lions were in the playoffs.

I don’t know who to slobber over more, Matt Stafford or his super hero friend Megatron. Both were fantastic when they had to be. What’s amazing is these guys are doing it with no running game at all. I’m glad that the Lions are finally realizing this and letting their stars win the game for them. Stafford is growing at an incredible rate. In games played, he’s only in the middle of his second season and already he’s in the top ten of quarterbacks in the NFL. This cat is only 23 years old and when he threw that winning touchdown to Calvin Johnson he became the Lions all-time leader in touchdown passes in a season. Life is good when you have a star at the most important position in sports. The way quarterbacks play until their hair turns gray, we’ll probably have him another 15 years.

After letting teams take Calvin Johnson away in the last five weeks, The Leos finally wised up and threw to him when they damn well felt like it. He responded with the best game of his life. He put on a clinic on how to abuse defensive backs. He had over 200 yards for the first time in his career. His picture should stand alone without any words under wide receiver in the next issue of Webster’s dictionary.

I’ve stated numerous times how a football season is a wild ride and that ride is making my goose bumps extra big. The Lions are the first team in history to overcome deficits of at least 13 points four times in one season. This is strange territory for me. I mean it’s December and I haven’t already mapped out the Lions strategy for the upcoming draft. To tell you the truth, I haven’t even given it any thought what so ever (OK, maybe a tad; at least 3 offensive lineman). It’s much more fun to try to figure out who they’ll play in the PLAYOFFS. To quote the great Jim Mora,”Playoffs? are you kidding me? Playoffs?”

When it comes to the Lions I’m forever a ten year old kid. If I wish real hard, Maybe Santa will deliver my christmas present early on Christmas eve. A win over the San Diego Chargers should fit into my stocking very nicely.

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