An Open letter to Ndamukong Suh


Dear Mr. Suh,

There is no more loyal Lions fan on this earth than I. If they can’t make me leave by playing the most god awful football in the last ten years, then I guess you could say I’m in it for life. Family, Friends, and Lions football is my motto in life.

So it pains me to say that frankly, Mr Suh, you’re making me sick to my stomach. Your out of control behavior is disturbing on so many levels. The mere act of taking that last swipe with your leg was so foolish, but to come out and act with no contrition at all was very sad.

We knew what we were getting into by drafting you; the way you threw around offensive lineman in college like they were Occupy Wall Street protesters. I was so happy the Lions drafted someone who had a reputation as bad as Clint Eastwood and any of the characters he played in the 70s. This once proud franchise desperately needed someone like you to lead it to prominence once again.

But, is this what you call leadership?

We love the fire that you play with but you can’t lead from your couch. They are talking like you might be suspended for another 2 games. Mr. Suh, you are starting to cost your team games now. You might have single handedly cost us the Green Bay game and it’s going to be harder to win without you in the next two. What’s more important, your BAD ASS image or winning games?

Think of fans like myself. I haven’t been to a Lions game since I went to a preseason game at Ford Field the first year it opened up. I just had to see what the place looked like. My wife got me tickets for the Minnesota game on Dec. 11 for my birthday. The main thing I wanted to see was you. I was so excited to see you play in person but now that is in doubt. What about that ten year old boy, who I act like on game day, whose dad promised him to take him to a game to see his hero play? How is that dad going to explain to his son that you can’t play because you KICKED someone who was on the ground?

Personally, I had no problem with you slamming that anonymous Green Bay offensive lineman’s head into the turf a couple of times. If he’s stupid enough to not let go and keep holding, well he gets what he deserves. That stomp, though, was something even little kids know not to do. I have read a lot of over reaction on line about your two step dance but the best perspective I read was when a guy watched the game with his very young son and after your little stunt the little boy asked his dad if your mommy was going to spank you and send you to your room. Come on Man, you can do better that this.

The sad thing is that we all saw this coming. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Now that 0 on your number 90 might as well be painted red with a another red circle inside of it. You’re a marked man now. You seem to be very calculating and bright so I don’t think you will let this behavior continue.

Please control yourself when you play again, even if some lineman tries to hold you all day. The Detroit Lions desperately need you and aren’t going anywhere without you. You could have a Hall of Fame career ahead of you or you could become a punch line like Ron Artest. What’s it gonna be?

Marty Medvedik