SLR Predictions: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions


Chris Czar: Something tells me the Lions woke up in the second half of Sunday’s win against the Carolina Panthers. The Lions looked like the team we saw in first 5 weeks of season. Matt Stafford played his best game after a miserable start, Kevin Smith was excellent in his vindication and Ndamukong Suh finally looked like the player he was last year. I think it carries over this week. It’s not going to be easy, but Smith will run the ball effectively and the defensive line provides just enough pressure on Aaron Rodgers for the Lions to hold on in a very, very close game. Detroit Lions 31, Green Bay Packers 28

Nate VanNorwick: In the immortal words of the Black Eyed Peas – I gotta feeling. I gotta feeling the Lions are going to play their first complete game of the year. I gotta feeling that the Lions are going to not only finish strong, but come out strong. I gotta feeling I am going to be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving for the first time in Lord knows how long. Lions 27, Packers 24.

Marty Medvedik: The Lions and their fans have had this game circled since the schedule came out. The country that has wished that the Lions would just go away and not ruin any more Thanksgiving dinners will be glad to watch what should be an exciting game this year. The Lions WILL be sky high for this game and they match up well with the Packers. The Packers aren’t 16-0 good and they will lose to the Lions who will regard this as their Super Bowl. Lions 35, Packers 31

Ross Husson: It is Thanksgiving and for the first time in awhile, the Lions are relevant this late in the season. The Lions will play their annual Thanksgiving Day game but this time, it means something. With a win over the Packers, the Lions can perhaps gain ground on the Bears and gain ground in the wild-card race. Lions fans will be rocking tomorrow and I really believe that the Lions will hand the Packers their first loss. I expect the defense to have a big game in front of the whole country and for them to limit Aaron Rodgers. Lions win, 21-17

Zach Berridge: I saw a glimmer of hope last week in Green Bay’s game against the Bucs. Aaron Rodgers threw a pick and missed on 11 pass attempts, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but he wasn’t invincible. The Packers’ defense gave up some big plays, and allowed Josh Freeman throw it almost wherever he wanted. Despite their perfect record, there are weak spots and they will get exploited enough to cost them a game sooner or later. That being said, I can’t see Green Bay having an “off” game two weeks in a row. Green Bay: 38 Detroit: 24

Zac Snyder: I won’t say that I fear the Packers but I respect the Packers and am not ashamed to readily admit they are a better football team that the Lions. Aaron Rodgers is leading an impressive offensive machine that runs with amazing consistency. This game will likely be determined by which offense falters first and most often and while the Lions could find success with the pass rush, I just can’t predict that it will be the Packers offense that sputters this afternoon. Do I want the Lions to win? Absolutely. Do I think the Lions can win. Yes. Can I predict that the Lions will win? Unfortunately, no. Packers 27, Lions 20

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