SideLion Report Picks for NFL Week 6


I’ll admit to being intrigued by sports betting but I’m too much of a nervous nellie to deal with the legality of it or put real money at risk. I’ll hold to the line of point spreads being “for entertainment purposes only” but if you’d like to actually participate in the entertainment side of it then I suggest Free Sports Bet. It is a site that lets you bet for free with the potential of winning real money through the advertising revenue the site brings in.

I picked made picks in six games on Free Sports Bet just for fun last week and went 4-2 so I thought I would make a weekly feature out of picking games and tracking how I do throughout the season. Feel free to sign up to pick along with me or against me. I’ll pick the Lions game each week along with four other games across the NFL for a total of five games per week. The point spreads shown will be what is currently shown on Free Sports Bet at the time the post hits the site and subject to move.

And with the possibility of looking like an idiot, here we go:

Detroit Lions (-4) vs. San Francisco 49ers
The short week following an emotional victory might give some reason to believe the Lions are in for a letdown. The old Lions certainly would have been but this groups has shown themselves to be anything but the old Lions. The 49ers are heading three time zones to the east to play an early game and I’m willing to bet that Alex Smith is more likely to regress to the mean than prove he has suddenly found himself as an NFL quarterback.

Buffalo Bills (+3) at New York Giants
Eli Manning is inexplicably poor at home and the Bills lead the league in turnover margin. I believe the Bills are still the victim of some bias against them (they were home underdogs to the Eagles last week). They may not win outright but if I’m getting points, I’m taking them.

Carolina Panthers (+4) at Atlanta Falcons
The Panthers are one of those teams that could find themselves down 10 late in the game but score a touchdown to beat the spread. Cam Newton is likely to be the most dynamic player on the field and the Falcons have not found the form that won them the NFC South last year. I’ll take the points in a game like this every time.

Dallas Cowboys (+7) at New England Patriots
The bye week came at a good time for the Cowboys. Tony Romo has been able to rest his ribs and Miles Austin is expected back. Austin and Dez Bryant were full participants at Cowboys practice on Wednesday. I expect the Cowboys to put up some points this week so I think seven points is a big number for the Patriots to cover this week.

New York Jets (-7) vs. Miami Dolphins
One pick after saying seven is a big number, I’m going to say it is a small number. The Dolphins will have a hard time putting up points on the Jets defense. I’m not in love with the Jets offensively but after three straight road losses to good teams they should easily dispose of the Dolphins back in the comforts of the Meadowlands.

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