SLR Predictions: Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions


Marty Medvedik: Every one is making a lot of noise about the Chiefs going 10-6 last year. I looked at that schedule and they didn’t beat ANYONE. I don’t know if they even beat a team with a winning record last year. They were lucky last year like the Bears were. Coach Jim Schwartz was handed a coaches dream last week. They won the game he gets to yell at them about “Stupid” mistakes. They WILL be ready to roll over the Chiefs with ease. Mr. Suh is hungry and needs some quarterback sandwiches. The Lions will win 38 to 10.

Ross Husson: Matt Casell and the Chiefs offense really struggled as Cassell only had a QB rating of 64.5 against Buffalo’s defense. If the Chiefs can’t do anything on offense against the Bills, I have a feeling they won’t be able to do it against Detroit’s talented and stout defense. I wrote earlier this week on how big of a loss safety Eric Berry is to the Chiefs. After Berry left the game, the Bills scored friggin’ 41 points on Kansas City’s defense. Ryan Fitzpatrick really had a lot of success throwing to his tight end. Good news, we have 2 solid tight ends in Pettigrew and Scheffler. Matthew Stafford should have his way against Kansas City’s defense. Lions win 33-10.

Ronny Hurd: I think a lot of people are underestimating the Kansas City Chiefs just based off of being blown out by the Buffalo Bills last week. This Chiefs team still has one of the best running games in the league despite the struggles from Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones last week. They also have Tamba Hali, who is one of the best pass-rushers in the league. He will be tough to stop since he has great instincts off the ball and his intensity to get after the quarterback. The Lions will end up winning in a down to the wire type of game. 21-14 Lions

Mike Olsen: When the 2011 schedule was originally released, this game appeared to be a tough matchup for the Detroit Lions. The Chiefs’ performance in week 1, however, has given this game a completely different look. The Lions need to be weary of over confidence for the first time in almost a decade, and the Chiefs are truly a much better team than what was on display last week. While this contest does have the makings of a “trap game” for the Lions, it is highly unlikely that the Chiefs were able to correct the mistakes that were made in their home opener. To put it simply, the Chiefs were abysmal in every aspect of football, and while they will surely have improved, it won’t be enough to defeat a confident team on the road. If Delmas plays, the Lions will be able to commit more players to stopping the run. If Johnson plays, Detroit will take advantage of a thin Chief secondary that will struggle to replace safety Eric Berry. Detroit 38, Kansas City 14.

Nate VanNorwick: The Chiefs will try to keep Matthew Stafford and the explosive Lions offensive off the field by running the ball and slowing the game down. Lions contain the run, and with the Chief’s pro bowl safety Eric Berry done for the year the offense leads them to a home victory. Lions 27, Chiefs 14

Chris Czar: My heart is telling me that this is a trap game, but my head just doesn’t see it. After a let down loss to the Bills at home, nearly the entire country has left the Chiefs for dead. Don’t forget that this was a 10 win team from last year…however, so were the Bucs. The Lions handled the Bucs on the road with a mediocre overall effort, there’s no reason to think that they won’t do the same with the Chiefs at home, especially with Eric Berry out for the year. That’s a devastating injury and the Chiefs equivalent of losing Suh for the year. Look for Stafford to have a huge game and for this to be the loudest game in Ford Field history. Lions 31, Chiefs 13

Zac Snyder: The confidence I’m feeling in the Lions is strange but I consider the Chiefs a lesser opponent than the Bucs and the Lions have the added benefit of playing at home. I expect to see the Lions control the game statistically and on the scoreboard. Lions win 27-13.

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